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What I Wore: Because Of Sandflies

Have you ever been on a picnic or camping trip and been bitten (or eaten alive) by those pesky bugs known as sandflies? Well, I have and it is not funny. :(

Because Of Sandflies

Last week, I had a very bad allergic reaction to sandfly bites. I didn't want to step out of my bed. I felt terribly horrible. My skin (hands and legs) was swollen, reddish and itchy.

Of all the insects that bite humans, sandflies are probably the most annoying and most irritating ones ever. I hate them! I have shifted from "Why Did God Create Cockroaches?" to "why did God create sandflies?". Phew. They almost wanted to spoil my fine girl.

Just In Case

I don't pray for you to be bit by sandflies but just in case; if they're itchy, try not to scratch because that's when bigger skin problems may occur and the sandfly bites turn into horrible pizza pits of doom. It freaked me out while I was researching about the bites. Yuck.

Might Not Be Affected

Sandflies seem to affect some people more than others. My girlfriends were also bit but only two or three of us reacted to the bites extremely badly. Some skins are strong sha! (*rolling my eyes at Frances* odieshi skin). 

Alrightie. Enough of sandflies. Lemme show you what I managed to wear to church last week . . . 

If I had my way, I'd have worn gloves and socks. Lol. Fortunately, my long-sleeve dress was elegant enough to take eyes off my skin. This dress may be very simple, but it isn't any less stylish or trendy. It served its purpose without making me look outdated or frumpy. :)

Never let anyone or anything dull your sparkle - including sandflies. 

Behind the screen:

 . . . just because of sandflies, Ayo and I did this face. 

Erm . . . This dress was actually one of the things I got for Christmas. This is the second time I'd be rocking it. Thanks to the sandflies. 

So tell me; Ever looked at your skin and felt irritated? Or you have "odieshi" skin?

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