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Dear Diary, Nothing Is Working!

Last night I poured out into my private diary. I'm led to share it with you. I hate to feel this way. 

Monday, 2nd November 2015
~~Nothing is Working~~

My phone is sick. The battery refuses to be charged up.  My wi-fi router wouldn't come on. My mobile data plan expired this morning. I managed to go to the cyber cafĂ©, and that's how the very system I was using stopped working. I logged on to another system, and that's how SoundCloud kept insisting that my password was incorrect. Phew! Even though I knew it was the right one. I tried other likely passwords. No way. I tried and tried and got tired. *tears*

Here I am calling out for strength. Strengthen me, Lord! 

My glasses got broken too. I'm even almost broke. I feel lonely sometimes. Sometimes it Seems no one truly care about me. No friend around at the moment. I feel sick. It appears everything is crumbling right before my eyes. I kinda think I should do something but I dunno what it is. (Writing and praying are the only things that come to mind right now).

Oh! The Keeper of my dreams and Lifter of my head, lemme not lie. It's getting tougher. And everything is beginning to overwhelm me. I know nothing happens to me without Your permission. You are aware of all these. But it's there something You want me to understand? Are You teaching me a lesson? Are You testing my faith? Please, talk to me. Please . . .

Here I am calling out for help. Help me, Lord!

Lord, this is your sweetheart praying out loud o. I have boasted publicly about how great You are. I have boasted publicly about how wonderful Your works are. Prove Yourself and defend Your name quickly . . . Let me not be ashamed!

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