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STYLE: How To Mix Ankara Prints (For Starters)

Its always fun and trendy to mix colours and prints, even more so when you are doing it with the vibrant fabric of Ankara!

Mixing Ankara Prints

I love Ankara print, I see it as an art of its own. Ankara prints are exquisite, beautiful and colourful and represents everything African. I can't even say exactly when or how I became crazy about Ankara prints. I just found myself loving them! 

It usually takes a pro to mix two prints together without making the ensemble look busy and clumsy. But these days, anyone can do it. Yes, anyone. All you need is to let your mind think and create freely. Think of all the possibilities there is.

Because I'm still learning how to mix Ankara prints, it was safe to mix match an Ankara dress with a different Ankara scarf and Ankara shoes so that I don't look or feel too awkward. Any style you rock should make you comfortable. Youknowahmsayin' *winks* 

So, if you are daring to mix Ankara prints, you might find these tips helpful:

Tip #1 
Mix With Colour

One of the easiest ways to keep your mixed prints looking chic is by keeping them all in the same colour family. Try picking a colour that repeats throughout the entire ensemble. This ensures you a look that is more unified and seemingly put together.

For me, brown did it. 

Tip #2
Mix With Numbers
Don’t go mixing every Ankara clothing you have just yet. For starters, two prints at a time is cool. Three prints at a time is cool for the extremely daring and intermediate fashionista. Four or more is asking for trouble!

As a learner, I jerjerly went for two prints. I'd try mixing three some other time. :)

Behind the screen: Things happened. 

An usher "photobombed" and came to say: "Ah, sister Amaka! So this is where you are! Pastor is calling you o!" 
Then I said: "I'm coming. Lemme take one more shot." The usher didn't allow me. Imagine! 
She practically blocked the camera from taking a shot of me. 

But why are ushers like this? Lol.

So sweeties, have you mastered the art of mixing prints yet? If not check my starter tips for mixing prints here. You can also see how a little dose of Ankara does magic here

Happy Sunday!

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