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DIARY: The Awesome & The Awkward Things About Last Weekend

Last weekend has come and gone so quickly I can barely remember what happened. *scratches head* It feels like an hour ago yet I'm realizing how fast it went by.  And now it’s Tuesday.

Awesome & Awkward Went My Weekend

You may wonder why I like to share what transpired over my weekend/life. I wonder too. Lol. One thing is I am consciously striving to live life filled with positivity, inspiration and love.

I want to be able to see (from an angle) how I am doing it. It's like being my own personal life-coach. I am currently learning to be open to more opportunities, to interact with a large network of people, to break routines and keep a relaxed attitude toward life.

Having said that, I want to help and join you on your own journey too. (the more, the easier and merrier)

Let's take the awesome thing about last weekend first:


Awesome is good. It is exciting, inspiring and filled with all shades of fun. When you remember, you are happy.

So I attended a wedding. Awesome! 

Chibuike and Obetta is now married. Yay. They are two coursemates I know so well. I like it when I know the bride and groom personally. It makes me feel like . . . Erm . . . never mind. 

My coursemates. Lovely people. :* 
Remember Uche? She was here
"uninvited" Yoruba music artiste came around and we danced. Lol. I wish I could upload our "komole" video rn. 
Meet Caleb (a bestie) and Lilian (a fwend
One of the things I love about weddings - Seeing old friends and reuniting with them
I look happy. :) 
Me wishing the couple a Happy Married Life. 

Now the awkward . . .


Awkward is strange. It is embarrassing, confusing and filled with all shades of weirdness. When you remember, you are either indifferent or "just there".

- Was sick. Being sick really fogs up your brain. Friday went by in an instant and I barely knew what time of day it was.

- No Service. I couldn't access the internet via my mobile phone from Thursday up until Sunday morning. If you noticed, there was no post on Friday.

- No sleep. What type of sickness causes sleeplessness? So Awkward.

This was all the sleep I could get over the weekend. (right in church after Friday's vigil rehearsal) 

But mehn, I slept VERY well yesterday. In fact, I was half dead.

Your turn. Can you remember any awkward/awesome thing that happened last weekend? 

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