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MUSIC: "Boosit" - Cobahms Ft. Falz

Someone logged out of Twitter for two days and see how fast the world has changed. Phew. The way things are happening these days ehn, you will be left behind if you don't step up on your game. May God help us and grant us speed in Jesus' name. Amen.

OK. There is a new song in town. And I'm loving it. :)

"Boosit" - Cobahms Ft. Falz

The super-duper awesome Cobhams Asuquo as we all know gives soul inspiring songs any time he decides to dish out something. (Listen to "Do The Right Thing").

Against the backdrop of fuel queues, lack of electricity and the many issues that we are facing in the country, Cobhams comes up with a brand new inspiring single titled “Boosit.” And guess what? He is featuring Falz the Bahdguy! 

You know I like Falz. Yeah? (Watch this video by Falz) 

Falz + Cobhams = Top-notch

On the song, Cobhams takes on a comical yet gritty Ibadan impersonation to decry unjust treatment: 

“Don’t tell me boosit . . . I’m a human being, you can’t deceive me!” 

While enjoying the music; you may unconsciously start to dance, and even laugh at Cobham’s Ibadan accent. 

Listen to the song and tell me what you think:

P.S Tuesday's Diary innabit. Please stick around.

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