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25 Things You Never Knew A Voice-Over Artist Does

I just told you here how important advertising your skills and product is to your business. It's cool to practise what I preach. I'm a voice-over artist. And here are the various areas you might be needing me. :)

25 Things You Need Voice-Over For

Someone recently asked me to mention the things he’d need a Voice Over for, and I reeled off the more commonly known areas of voicing. But, as soon as I got started, the list seemed to get longer and longer and longer, that I ended up having to write them down. 

When I finished the list, I counted 25! I was literally blown away by the AMAKAMEDIA in me. This babe means business o. *mouth opens* 

I thought it worth sharing them with you . . .

  1. TV Commercials
  2. Radio Commercials
  3. TV programme sponsorship 
  4. Materials narration, incorporating audio (E-Learning), for commercial re-sale
  5. How-to/Explainer Web Video
  6. Documentary voice overs
  7. The Speaking Clock!
  8. Mobile Phone Interactive 
  9. Voice Recognition  – such as iPhone’s ‘Siri’ Self-Service Checkout ‘voice’ over
  10. Online Auto Customer Care service
  11. Telephone messaging; Voicemail, Auto Attendant (ie; ‘For Sales, Press 1’),
  12. Marketing On-Hold voice overs, 
  13. Audio Books narration
  14. Story narration
  15. Radio Jingles/Imaging
  16. Online Corporate Information 
  17. Video games narration
  18. Online voice over for Promotional Videos
  19. Audio Company Presentation, or Internal Training Video voice over, 
  20. Announcing for Awards Ceremonies
  21. Exhibition Video Voicing
  22. Cartoon and animation Character
  23. Interactive Games, including character voice overs
  24. Lifts – ‘doors closing’, ‘first floor – electrical goods’ etc
  25. Buses – ‘Your Next stop is Charity Bus-stop
  26. Bus stations – "doors closing" etc
  27. Products or Toys, like a doll who speaks
  28. Interactive Children’s Story Apps
  29. Talking Newspapers for the Blind
  30. Movie Trailer voice overs
  31. Text-To-Speech Software, for PCs
  32. Interactive Vehicle Response – ie; ‘this vehicle is reversing’ 'fasten your seat belt'
  33. Interactive Airline Response "we are taking off in 10, 9, 3. . . 1" 
  34. Foreign language training audio, for teaching a foreign language
  35. Podcasts 

Erm . . . that’s 35. You see, the list seems endless! This is probably a pretty comprehensive list . . . unless of course, you know something else? I’d love to hear from you if you can find another one, three or more?!

*business mode activated*

If you’re looking for a beautiful, creative, cheerful and spontaneous female British/African/Nigerian voice over artist on your next audio project for any of the above, Email me, Tweet at me, or just find a way to reach me!

I naturally love to read out a script. It will be fun reading yours. Have a book that you’d like to have in audio format? Get in touch.

To listen to a variety of voice overs and to have a feel of the ambience of my voice, please visit THIS PAGE. Thank you!

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