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BOOK REVIEW: 'Never Give Up!" By Joyce Meyer

When you lose hope and begin to feel sorry for yourself, stop right that minute and say, "I refuse to feel sorry for myself. I will not stop hoping for a better tomorrow. As long as I am alive, I have hope!"

'Never Give Up!" By Joyce Meyer

I practically like to end my day with a book. 'Never Give Up!" is one of the books I pick up from my library after having a not-so-good day; when I feel overwhelmed and broken, when I feel miserable and empty, when I feel uninspired and uncreative, days when nothing seems to be working.

Joyce Meyer has got my heart anytime all day. I love her to pieces. I have read quite a number of her books. She knows how to get me running again.

'Never Give Up!" gives me the inspiration I need to keep going. It reminds me over and over and over again, in many ways; I can do it if I don't give up.

Excerpts from the book:
God uses difficulties to make us people He can trust and people He can use. When we face adversity, we must have the spirit of a conqueror. David had to face Goliath before he could become king. We must not try to escape or avoid difficult situations while we are going through them. Instead, we need to say, "God, if this is something I have to go through, then I am going through it victoriously. I want to go through it with the attitude of a conqueror. Whatever you want to do in my life through this, I want You to do. But one thing I ask, God - that You help me press past my feelings and behave in a godly manner all the way through it".     
She also shared the story of the donkey that fell into a well. (I actually read out the story straight from this book that time.)

one of those dark nights

There are books you read just for fun. And there are books you read to see the light in your heart again. "Never give up!" is one of those books.

I recommend it to anyone going through difficult times. The devil can be cunning during the time; he feeds our mind with negativity and failure from the past - then we start to lose our hope. We can't afford to let him win. We should never give up!

It's nice to be reminded that we have two choices when we face difficulties; we can either give up or go on.

Hmm . . . I have come to understand something painful. Lol. Yes, painful. Isn't it painful to know that I will always have to deal with difficulties all my life? I can't escape or avoid it. If I run away from it today, I'd have to face something similar tomorrow. It is God's intention to train, to strengthen, and to promote me through every difficulty situation. (painful but joyful! *hands on head*)

We will always face difficulties. Let's Keep hope alive.

Hope is a powerful force, the enemy goes after it with vengeance. Guard the hope in your heart. Hope keeps you from worrying, empowers you to stay calm and enables you to believe you can face tomorrow.

Be determined; be committed; be patient; be positive; and be diligent in every area of your life - and whatever you do, never give up!

People with hope are happy, positive, inspiring, and full of love and courage. That's why we are all here doing life together. Isn't it? :)

Sweetie, rock your weekend and have a blast! See you on Sunday. *hugs*

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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