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What I Wore: Mixed Prints In Glowyshoes

Happy New Month sweethearts of my blogosphere! Good to see you shinning in April. How are you doing? :)

It's my first WIW post of the month. Yay.

Mixed Prints In Glowyshoes

Print mixing is one of the hardest stylistic feats to pull off. And since I am always up for a challenge, it has become one of my favourite things to do.

I had to rack my brain on how to rock these shoes gifted to me by my very own sweetheart, Glowy!

It's been over a month, and I didn't know how best to rock it. It was a tough one. But then again, I looked at the 3 tips for mixing prints and v-i-o-la! I came up with this outfit.

What worked for me was observing that the zigzag print on the shoes goes with the lines at the helm of my skirt. It reduced the chaos and clumsiness in my outfit.

In addition to the tips I posted here, I'd say;

Tip #4
Scale the pattern of prints

When you match linear pattern with linear pattern or floral pattern with floral pattern, it creates a great balance. The prints will work together, and not battle for attention. It would be cool if the prints have something in common. 

Like seriously, mixing print is gradually turning into a hobby for me. I'm loving it.

I will show you how I rocked the same shoes in a different style next week. Am I also becoming a pro in mixing prints? We'll see. :D

Happy Sunday!
Thanks for being there.
I'm back.

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