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The Successful Businesswoman, Linda Ikeji Kinda Believes In No Sex Until Marriage

I'm so late to the party! You guys know I took a 3-day break from Twitter. Yeah? So I'm trying to catch up on as many gist as I can. And then I couldn't let this one slip!

Linda Ikeji vs Wizkid

I love Linda Ikeji. She inspires me in many ways. She always emphasize that she didn't have to sleep with any man to make it this BIG. 

Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, Linda Ikeji is a successful businesswoman. Me, I want to be like her when I grow up. *shines teeth* Business on my mind!

So I logged in into Twiiter after my social media fast. And saw that Linda Ikeji and Wizkid had had a fight. I had to find out more about the gist. The headlines were juicy! *coughs* The cause of the fight is not my business tho, but I like how my lady, Linda handled it. 

Wizkid posted this on Instagram: 

And here was her reply:
So my darling little 'friend' Wizkid came on my IG page this morning to blast me for writing yesterday that he was given quit notice at the Lekki home he claimed he bought some years ago, which he actually rented. He threatened to beat me up...called me an ugly old bitch...(I'm ugly? lol) says I don't have a man (crying over that..) and called my mum a loser...(what a child).
Anyway, all that don't matter, people have said worse to me...what I wanted to address is the part where he said I slept with his director and he left me in a hotel...that one I will definitely want to address because some people actually believe it. That my dear friends, is a lie! Please continue...

First and foremost, I've never met Wizkid one on one. I've only seen him once in real life on stage at a show a few years ago. I've never met anybody who is his director. Guess he put that line in his comments to defame me. You that mad that people now know the house is not yours? Lol.
Trust me, if I knew someone was Wizkid's director, I'd rather kill myself than sleep with him or any other entertainer for that matter (except maybe he's my husband..hehe) because I know how some of these entertainers are...they kiss and tell a lot. You can't afford to be messing around in their circle. So, no, I have NEVER slept with Wizkid's director. I live a celibate life..most of the time. (Though, that has to end soon...I'm getting old and missing out on that part of life...lol)
I've always been an advocate of women respecting their bodies and owning their own. And I feel sex should only happen when you're in committed relationship (that is if you can't wait till marriage) and I recommend celibacy for a long as you're not committed to someone. There's absolutely no dignity in sleeping around and messing around with different men. It's ugly and God don't like ugly. So no, I'm not that woman, and will never be that woman. Nice try, Wizkid!

That got me. "I live a celibate life". I had to underline that part! All those things on her blog - nudity, gossip, etc., are strictly business. It has nothing to do with WHO she is. Hmm. Linda makes hardwork and decency so sexy. (Yes, I used the word "sexy").  :) 

She continued: 
“Oh Wizkid, I wish all these stuff you wrote about your supposed success were true. I would have been so happy for you. But those of us who know the truth, know the truth. Lol! You can deceive your fans but not me. But I’m still a huge fan and will continue to wish you well.”
“And who are the ‘we’ that don’t like me? Same people around you that don’t like you? That keep snitching on you? LMAO! What a child. Abeg, make I leave you alone before I mess up your career or image! Moving on.”

I like that word, moving on. Shake it all off and walk away like nothing happened!

Now that's what a *mature-minded, focused and successful businesswoman would do. Move on. And keep going!

I've typed so much already. My fingers hurt. Phew. Have a great day, sweeties! *kisses and hugs*

Erm . . .  read more posts about Linda Ikeji here. Read about Nikki Laoye, who got married as a virgin here too.

OK. I'm done for today. Thank you. Lol.

*A mature minded person is one who can handle problems and challenges rationally and logically, not emotionally. A mature minded person thinks rather than reacts. A mature minded person carries him/herself confidently, is not cocky or timid.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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