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POEM: Don't Go and Die There

Where are you headed?
Okay, you may go
Go but don't fall
Okay, you may fall
Fall but don't break away
Okay, you may break away
Break away but don't die
Don't go and die there.

It's okay if you go and fall
It's okay if you fall and break away
It's okay if you break away and return
But it's not okay if you go and die there.

If you die there, you'll get no second chance
If you die there, you'll never return
If you die there, your journey will be ended
Don't go and die there before your death.

Don't stay too long when you fall
Get up, return as soon as you can
So that you will not break away
And you will not go and die there. 

(COPYRIGHT. Do not copy, republish or reproduce in whatsoever format without prior permission from the poet.)

What can you make out from this poem?


Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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