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What I Wore: Glowyshoes' Giveaway (On The Red Carpet)

Yeah. So I rocked those shoes again. The same shoes I talked about here. Please, help me thank my sweetheart, glowy for giving them to me so that she can give me many more shoes. Lol

Mixed Prints in Glowyshoes' Giveaway (Part 2)

My new found love for prints increases weekly. My friend, Bukky told me about Solange Knowles. She said she is the pioneer of mixing prints. Oh well, I give it to her.

I am Amaka. Managing and utilizing my wardrobe (with little or no money). Wearing what makes me feel comfortable, decent and classy. *rme*

I totally agree with Edna Woolman Chase and Jane Austen who said, "Fashion can be bought. STYLE one must possess" and "One man's STYLE must not be the rule of another's". Full stop. 

Mixing prints is not exactly an easy feat but I enjoy embarking on different style ventures. This is me daring it in the mix and discovering my own tips along the way. 

We are still on tip #4. Scaling the pattern of the prints. 

The lines worked for me. (with colours too - orange being dominant) 

I was trying to look like a model that time. Lol. 

Lol. Don't be vexed. I am just loving the pictures anyhow; left and right, back and white, and in colours. I have got one of them as my screensaver. It's one of my best poses - that "I know the future can only get better and I'm looking forward to it". Youknowhamsayin'!

Now pictures on the red carpet . . .

(Ooops! still expecting pictures from Mr. Babs. Sorry. I'll update this post later) 

(insert picture here)

The show was cool. It wasn't just entertaining, it was also inspiring. We had guest speakers telling us how they followed their passion and went all out for it. Yours truly can't wait to say "and it came to pass".

Same shoes, different outfit

To See previous outfit, click here.

That reminds me, did you know that my skirt is made from Ankara? It is. I used to think I like Ankara fabrics because I enjoy showcasing Africa in my styles, but I have realized I also love them because they come in different patterns and prints.

So I'm having this idea about mixing two or more different Ankara fabrics together. It is probably another awesome WIW post loading . . .

Happy Sunday!
Thanks for being there.
You good?

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