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How Last Weekend Went . . . Fantastic!

Mehn, last weekend was so much fun! It was one of those weekends I wish I could freeze. As in, I never wanted it to end. Lemme gist you . . .  :) 

Family Weekend

Yep! It was The RCCG's General Family Weekend nationwide. The family weekend is a weekend set aside to celebrate and appreciate every member of the family. It is also an avenue to bring members together in love and unity. 

So my weekend started on Friday at 6PM. I rocked it from then on until Sunday at 8PM (when I had to prepare for Monday's post).

You know I can't tell you everything, no matter how hard I try. But I hope these pictures (about 40 of them) will give you a glimpse of what my weekend looked like . . . Enjoy!


The youths in my parish had a dinner programme tagged "Bows and Shawls". It was strictly for singles. Dah kinda thing. 

Call me 'The Red Carpet Diva' :)
I co-anchored the red carpet with Pst. Simcard (the MC). I was already hyperactive by that time. I bet most people wondered what came over me. Lol. My excitement level was beyond ordinary.

I got busy after hosting the red carpet tho. Being a member of the planning committee, I had to make sure everyone was served while doing a follow up with the media team. It was a beautiful programme, I must say! So much to eat, drink and laugh about.

Remember Bro. Princewill? here. 
awon guys mi. Youth executives, we all worked together as a team. 

Now this is the juicest part of the dinner (imho): we had a little beauty pageant to award two best dressed male and female. And guess what? Yours truly was among the best. I made you proud mehn. Clap for me jhorr. :D

Based on votes by the audience, we - LR Gab, Amaka, Tomisin and Moses - were the best dressed for the night. That was how it became official (right beside the altar of God) that I am a model. Yay.


Hmmm! I believe Saturday was divinely planned. I met with an online family. Like for real!

You know Frances, right? (She is the author of '10 Steps To Walking In Purpose. Click here) Frances invited me and other sisters to a singles' hang out at Nike Art Gallery, Lekki, Lagos. I went!

awon guys mi. Youth excos, we all worked together as a team. 

It was one hang out with a difference. We shared. We talked. We laughed. We revealed our worst fears and biggest secrets, and just like real sisters, we listened without judging one another. It was soul-lifting. 

When sisters share . . . :) 
selfie with Frances. Ah, I love this lady to pieces!
We went for a free tour inside the gallery. Oh my! I couldn't breathe. The inside of the gallery is beautiful from its unusual doors to its bright white walls covered in all sorts of art work ranging from paintings and sculptures to fabrics and mini-installations. With so many pieces of art to look at, I was full. Everything there is . . . fantastic!

Now hear another exciting part: Madam Nike Okundaye, the owner of the gallery was fully present. She had us dress in beads to take pictures. How awesome! 

LR- Distinguished, Me, Frances
that's Madam Nike right at the middle. I want to be like her when I grow up - elderly, active and happy. 

 Not only do #SouledOutSisters share the same interests and passion for God. We share the same habit of pouting. LOL.

I made new friends. I met Frances in the physical realm. And I was blessed by everyone's story.


Aha! Of course, I went to church. I will show you WIW next week. Let's not mix it all up. *winks*

See previous weekends:

If there was one thing I learnt last weekend, it is the power of relationships. You may not have all the money in the world, but have good relationships. Life is all about connecting with people.

The more beautiful people in your network, the richer you are. Intimate, connected relationships provide the fun, love and joy that money can never ever buy.

May God bless our relationships and help us maintain them.

* * * * * * * * *
Next weekend is looking good already. I'll be going for a conference at Redemption Camp on Friday till Saturday. On Sunday, I will go to church in the morning, and then host the red carpet for "Fire of Laughter with Tiblaze" later in the evening. Fun, fun all the way!

Hope you're having as much fun too.
Let's enjoy life and live it.

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