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Lol. I'm as eager as you are to read this article. This is going to be an awesome Monday Inspiratonal Review if you get the "rhema". Are you ready? Let's do this! 


I love eating banana. Epecially with groundnuts. It makes a great snack. It's fun, flavourful, sweet and nutritious. Yummy! 

I recently read that banana is fattening to eat at night. I am on a mission to add a little fat here and there, I happily ate it as late as 10:03 PM yesterday.

After filling my stomach with each piece of bite. I felt as though I'd added 20 pounds. Lol. I drank water. Smiled to myself. And got ready to write. 

Then I heard, "Banana" 

At first, I thought banana was on my mind because I'd just had banana with groundnuts for dessert.

Again I heard, "Banana" 

Then it suddenly dawned on me that He was giving me the topic for today's article.

"Wow! Banana? OK. Nice."

I liked it. I was excited. I grabbed my Bible to get the "rhema" for banana. I searched from Genesis to Revelation. Lo and behold, I found nothing! 

I cringed.

"This is a joke. Right?"

You know how God likes showcasing His huge sense of humour. Yeah? He does that to me a lot.

He did so yesterday. I attended an event (WigRadio's 3rd Anniversary cum WigTV inauguration) with the sole aim to sit back with my legs crossed, relax and observe. And maybe, to network a little. That was my plan.

I didn't recognize He was whispering in a way that your best friend would mischievously smile and say, "if only you know what I'm thinking right now".

I was invited as a guest - "we need you there to complete the day" - as regards to the message I received on Friday. Paparazzi was unneccssary. I thought. So I was dressed in a simple chic black dress with a touch of Ankara (Check out my Ankara accessories ). 

Ah, if God had revealed His plan, yours truly would have worn a pair of high-heeled shoes. I wore a pair of flat sandals instead. 

My sweeties! Guess what happened?! When I got there, I found myself taking positions that didn't look like I was sitting with my legs crossed, relaxing and observing o.

At a point, I was standing. At another point, I was walking up and down. The moment I held the mic, He teased. "I got you!" I understood the joke.

Somehow, it happened that;
  1. I carried the anniversary cake to the table (altar) for it to be cut
  2. I carried the cake from the table (altar) after it had been cut
  3. I sliced the cake in sizeable pieces to be served
  4. I was among those who served
  5. I even told a testimony I didn't know I had

Bearing in mind that I wasn't prepared for all that, I heard Him laughing at me.

We gisted and laughed about it when I got home. It was quite deep. The cake, the mic and the entire event was part of His plan. It will be "uncreative" to tell you what we shared because that's exclusively for my private diary.

However, lemme share these points:

Everyone employed their gifts to make the event fruitful. 

It takes a bunch to make a team.

Keep track of your dreams. You'll be surprised to find yourself in its reality. 

Sometimes you don't have to be asked or begged to serve, just do it.

You have a role to play as long as you are there. Participate. 

To be fruitful is to activate your gift. Use your talent. 

Just when I thought I've had enough for the day, He was now joking with me about banana.

"Hmmm. . . banana will make a nice article." 

I needed at least one verse to create a fantastic blog post. I searched through my Bible again - online and offline. This time I went from Revelation to Genesis. 

Yet found nothing.

There are verses that talk about apples, dates, figs, grapes, melons, olives, pomegranates . . . and even raisins.

But my sweet banana? Not a peep.

No verse.

No word.

Just silence. 

"Why is there no banana in the Bible?!"

I was shocked. I have never been aware that banana is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible. It is really heartbreaking. It came as a big surprise to me.

"Are You kidding me? No banana in the Bible?!"

He laughed. 

I'm currently waiting for Him to finish laughing so that He can give me the "rhema" about banana.

Meanwhile, have you got any "rhema"? Please share! 

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This is the season of fruitfulness. Grab every opportunity to serve. Enjoy whatever it is you find yourself doing. And push yourself further. You can do it!
Have a great week.
Stay inspired. 

P.S. See any typo? Don't hesistate to tell me. I write most of my articles with sleepy eyes. Thanks for reading. Love you.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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