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Wouldn't You Rather Go for A #HeartCheck?

I went to see My Doctor (and Heart Keeper) for check up. And He said I'd be needing a surgery. Pray for me!


You didn't understand when I said I was as blank as a sheet. Yeah? I have not been very positive and inspired as expected. So I decided to visit The Healing Centre. When I got there, it seemed the Doctor knew I was coming. He had already opened my file and was treating my case. Whao!

I really like My Doctor (and Heart Keeper) . I think He feels my heartbeat. Or what can I say? He gives me the impression that He knows what I feel every time I feel it. So professional yet so personal. I've never met anyone like Him.

I peeped into the file (bearing my name) on His table. And saw this . . .


Lab Tests
  • What is happening on your altar - is the fire still burning?
  • How many people have been drawn to God because of you? 
  • When people seek to harm you, do you respond with such kindness and love that would shock them?
  • Are you still in love with God or you just the idea of Him?
  • If you still act any way you want, are you truly a Christian?
  • When a friend asks you for advice, do you answer in the flesh or in consideration of the word of God?
  • If God answered all your prayers, would the world look different? Or just your life?
  • Is your goal to be married, or is your goal to fulfil purpose in marriage?
  • Are you going after a dream you want or the God who instilled a dream in your heart?
  • You can claim you be a Christian, but are you producing the fruit of the Spirit?
  • Is your goal to be known or to make Him (Jesus) known?

Test Result
(The test result showed that my patient level is low. Now I know why I've been so restless. Oh my! )

Dwell in His presence
Read the Bible
Be still and know that He is God
Stay calm

Surgery Required
Let her heart be opened
Remove her heart as it is poisoned with pride and pain
Give her a new heart; a heart like Jesus

Hallelujah! What an awesome God!

Sweetie, what is the condition of your heart? When was the last time you had your heart checked? Hurry. Run to The Healing Centre now!

As for me, I've always had issues with patience. It's high time God dealt with it once and for all . . .  through surgery.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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