Tuesday, 15 March 2016

VIDEO: "Soidier" - Falz ft. Simi

I'm a big fan of pure entertainment. You don't have to promote sex and nudity before you entertain people. Let all music artistes learn from Falz! This guy is good!

I honestly love this video! This is the kind of content I look out for. Completely clean. Anything that paints Nigeria in a good light, shares my belief or expresses a great dose of creativity, I'm up for it. I'd promote music artiste like Falz without getting paid. (In my mind, I really wish to get paid tho).

The story, the song, the rap, and everything is just so on point. It's a 14-minute movie. Very captivating. It tells the story of a military officer (Falz) who tries to win the love of a civilian girl (Simi) by using some "unromantic" approach, if you ask me. LOL. But the song makes for a good laugh.

Watch and enjoy!

You're welcome. ;)

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