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DIARY: She Stole My Future Daughter's Name

Someone get me an assassin! I will not take this! I will kill somebody! Where is my lawyer?! Someone needs to be charged for thievery!

Baby Name Thief (BNT)

We are women. We are expressive. We are open. We are vulnerable. We talk about a lot of things - Things that are relevant and things that are not. We share our pain and our struggles. We share our dreams.

And long before we were ever called "women", we were cute little girls. As girls, we pick out names for the hypothetical children and husbands we don't have. We do it harmlessly. We do it to pass time. We do it for fun.

Thankfully, years have passed and my preferences have changed. Mehn! I still can't believe I actually thought that "Sandra" was the most beautiful name ever. Lol. I hate the name now. (sorry if your name is Sandra. It's not YOU I hate.) 

However, I haven't let go of some names. They are stuck with me.

I once picked "Emeka" to be my future hubby's name. And N____a to be my first daughter's name. I am still holding on to those names.

Did you ever do this? Lol.

I've been single for a while now. And I wonder what's keeping Emeka from reaching me. Phew. Emeka, where are you???

OK. That's not even the issue. I will talk about Emeka another time.

The issue here is that I'm facing a cold, harsh reality:

Baby names are easier to steal than BBM Display Picture.

I've had two of my prospective children's names ripped off by my so called friends. I overlooked the first one. But this second one is not funny. I'm angry! 

A few weeks ago, I called my friend to catch up with the latest gist and she told me she had given birth. I was am happy for her. She also told me they'd done the naming ceremony. . . After nearly choking my throat off, I managed to exclaim, "Huh? That's the name you chose? My baby's name?" 

She laughed. I thought I could laugh but I didn't even chuckle. Of course, I didn't find it funny. 

How could she say that she had never heard me mention "N____a"?!!!

She was trying to play it cool with me. She said she didn't remember me telling her what I wanted my daughter's name to be. I took it that she meant:

"Amaka, what's your stress?"
"You are not married."
"You are not even pregnant!"

This is not fair.

I remember vividly talking to her about that name during what I thought was a lighthearted chat on the subject. I had spilled my future daughter's name. Ever since I was old enough to get my hands on a pad, I have wanted to name my future daughter N___a. ( I can't even mention the name here because it is not safe to do so anymore.) I had mentioned it several times, but apparently I should have had them plastered on my forehead, registered on Google, or something.

Anyways, I don't blame her. It's not her fault. When future hubby has refused to show up nko? *wipes sweat* I have forgiven my friend.

"To err is human but to forgive is divine".

Truth be told, her daughter is absolutely beautiful and the name definitely suits her. Be that as it may, my friend is a BNT.

Beware of the "Baby Name Thief". She might come for yours.

On a lighter note, I need to figure out another unusual name for my future daughter. This time, I will tell no one. 

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