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STYLE/WIW: Favourite Spot At Church

2015 was an amazing journey with you being here. I enjoyed every moment we shared. When I say "you rock!", I mean it. Sweeties, you rock my world big time mehn. Glad we made it into 2016. Let's continue in our quest for living life filled with positivity, inspiration and love. Shall we? :)

Okey-dokey, my blog time-table hasn't changed. Sunday remains a day to showcase WIW. God hasn't told me to stop yet. Lol

Style Summary

This is the very first thanksgiving Sunday of the year. I hope you went to church. Why am I even asking? Of course you did! Nobody misses a Sunday like this one.


I danced so much that I looked very sweaty after service. I wasn't "fine" in my camera. I couldn't take pictures to post on the blog. Aww . . . And I tied gele ooo. *bites lip* 

Anyways, I have to make up for it somehow. I went through the previous WIW pictures and realized I actually do have a favourite spot at the church. 

You will not believe it. You might be guessing it to be where I sit during service. But no. No. No.

It is the staircase. Yes.

My favourite spot at church is where I take pictures - the staircase leading to the pastors' office. Hehehehe . . .

If this staircase was a human, he'd be one of my best friends. It has tolerated my mania for camera like nobody else in the world. As in! 

Below are some of the pictures I took in 2015 right on the staircase . . .

Christmas Sunday 2015
November 2015
september 2015
August 2015
December 2015

When people find me there and be like "Amaka, what are you doing here?" I usually put up a straight face and say "Erm . . . nothing serious" and wait for them to leave me and the staircase alone. I didn't tell a lie. Did I?

I can't help my love for the camera. I actually took a picture on this same staircase today. Yeah. And today being the first thankgiving Sunday of the year was epic! We shouted 2,016 "hallelujah" in the service. I'm not kidding. It was so . . . oh my!!! 2016 is a victorious year already!!!

3/1/2016. That's me shouting "hallelujah" right there.
That's me putting up a straight face before saying "nothing serious" to Bro. Ignatius. Lol. 

I do not envy those ladies that love to tie "gele". It's such a load. Coupled with the fact that I creatively tied two "geles" for colour effect, my head is still paining me. The next time I'd tie a gele will either be at my traditional wedding or in January 2017. Like seriously.

Your turn. How was service? Have you got a favourite spot at church too? :) 

Still wishing you a Happy New Year.
It's a year of glorious basking life experiences. Can't wait to see what God is set to do. Hallelujah! 

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