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Difference Between Those Who Enjoy Life and Those Who Do Not

I don't know life any better than you, but I like to share the little I have discovered. This is why I write, exposing my deepest secrets, so that my sweethearts can know they are not alone.  :)

Enjoying Life

I call myself a lot of things - writer, thinker, speaker, bookworm, media enthusiast, voice-over artiste, presenter, blogger, and many other activities I enjoy doing. And just recently, I have added 'model' to the list. Yes, I now call myself a model.

I enjoy taking pictures.

So get ready, you will be seeing many more pictures of me on this blog very soon. I've been trying really hard to curtail it since. I think it's time to show you what a model I can be. Lol. Just so you know, some can be exceptionally good while others can be annoyingly boring. This is me apologizing in advance o. 

I enjoy taking pictures. Oops! I've said that before. I just thought I needed to emphasize how much I really enjoy being the focus of the camera. But you know, each time I wear my 'model' mask, I'm thinking about the image I want to portray. I am thinking about the moment I want to create.

That's how I discovered that:

Life can be like a model trying to take a good picture. 

When you are modelling, there's a lot to think about - lens, light, filters, perspective, composition, posture, et.c. Looking at the camera, you're not exactly there. You're in your head. The picture isn't real. You're imagining what life will be like when everything falls into place. That curiously awesome moment when everything is beautiful and perfect. You are not here, you are there (in your head).

As a model, you're not enjoying the life you already have. You are creating the life you wish to have. And that can be frustrating.

Look back into your life to the time when you were very frustrated, the time when the picture in your head was better than in reality. You either hold on to the picture in your head (that can be depressing) or you face reality and create a picture of it (that can be beautiful).

I hope you understand what I mean. Here is an illustrations using my very own story . . .

Look at this picture I took last weekend. Very nice!

A friend said it's classy. :D

You'd think I was talking/presenting or something. But this was just a picture in my head! I was in the room alone, imagining myself as a presenter who is interviewing a guest (I actually had Chimamanda Adichie in my head at that time.) Even though this is what I'm hoping for the nearest future, it is not a moment I am enjoying. It is not my life right now.

When I used it as my DP, many people assumed I was on TV or something. "Whao! Amakamedia doing her thing!" They said.  But I know it was just me modelling. It was depressing because I never lived that moment, perhaps not yet. I only imagined it. 

Now look at this other picture. I took it a day before I confessed my latest obsession for blogging.

This picture is beautiful! I created it out of my reality. Yes, I am a blogger. A passionate one at that. It is happening right now. I am so grateful that you are reading this article. And I am indeed enjoying the moment . . . my life.

The first picture is who I am becoming while the second picture is who I am. For me to enjoy life is to be happy with who I am right now. I'm living and loving everyday! 

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Life becomes enjoyable once we stop getting it twisted. It becomes a beautiful ride when we stop confusing it with what we thought it was, or what we wish it would become, and simply let it be what it is.

Those who enjoy life are those who take the best shot of the present moment. They are those who capture the beauty in everyday. Life will be fun when we accept who we are, Get excited about where we are, and be grateful for what we have.

Finally, for us to live life filled with positivity, inspiration and love; it is important that we have our hearts filled with acceptance and gratitude.

You dig?

Happy New Week.
Stay inspired. 

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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