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STYLE/WIW: Recycling Till I Have Money

Hello sweethearts! How has the weekend been? I know, I know, we all don't want the weekend to end. Sure thing. It definitely cannot end without me ranting about What I Wore and all. *grins*

I love new clothes. I love the rush I get when I have something new to wear or just keep. Sometimes I crave for the rush but my bank account wouldn't co-operate. My bank account and I have been dragging this issue for a while now. 

As I was thinking about what to do; v-i-o-la! Recycling came to my rescue. 

So whenever I crave for something new to be added to my wardrobe and money doesn't show up, I do what I know how to do best. I use my god-given creative ability to recycle. Inotherwords, I use what I already have to create what I want to want. Does that make sense? 

When I saw this dress in my wardrobe, I felt it strongly in my head (not in my heart this time) that it was the one going to be sacrificed on my altar of fashion. Hehehe . . . I didn't cut it in any way tho. I didn't tamper with it at all. I just folded it in and got myself a new top.

This is how I wear the dress: 

This is how I fold it in:

And this is how it becomes a peplum top. Yay!

Some Sundays ago, I rocked it to church. Not as a dress but as a top . . . A new peplum top. You wan try! 

Peplums are fun and jolly. I didn't really used to like them because they don't do justice to my body shape. But I realized that wearing a colourful skinny belt around the middle of a peplum top or dress can be a real eye-catcher and can add a special touch to any shape. Belts work for me every time.


You wouldn't know I was wearing a dress if I didn't tell. It's lovely, isn't it?

Whoever said you only need money to look good? If you are not creative with the little clothes you have, then you have no personal style. Sometimes you need to forgo having more and all the clothes in the world, to focus on being creative.

Even when I feel I've had enough of the dress as a peplum top. I'll fold it into a high waisted flare skirt.

I have realized that having little or no money inspires creativity like nothing else in the world. Thanks to my bank account for the inspiration. Lol.

Happy recycling!

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