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On Second Thoughts, I Find Oresegun Olumide's Paintings Rather Disturbing

This article might get you angry. Well, I don't mind. I will write it anyway. It's a bit long sha.

3 Disturbing Things About Oresegun Olumide's Paintings

I love creativity. I love arts. I love pictures.

I love pictures so much that I created a category labelled "PHOTO TALK" on my blog. Pictures inspire me. My room is decorated with wallpapers showing me pictures of beautiful things. I can simply look at a picture and write a story or a poem from it.

Adding to the fact that I love to be in pictures. I take a lot of selfies. Lol. (OK. I'm not supposed to laugh because this is not a comic article. But hey, life is not to be taken so seriously. Let's relax!)

Talking about relaxing, last night I was writing an article titled "6 Ways to Relieve Stress" but I had to stop half-way through it. In that article, I am going to share my personal tips on relieving stress. (I hope to finish it after writing this one so that you can read it tomorrow).

One of the points in that article is to "Feed Your Eyes". Feeding your eyes with beautiful things can help you relieve stress. Beautiful things with inspiring content take your mind off whatever it is that is bothering you. Beautiful pictures with positive messages energize you and fire up your mood. Yes, it works for me. I believe it can work for you too.

So just when I wanted to link Olumide's paintings to the word "beautiful pictures"  in that article, it struck me;
"These are not beautiful pictures. They cannot relieve stress. They are rather depressing." 
For the first time, I really looked at those pictures. "What?!" It dawned on me that I'd been carried away by the creativity, and NOT the content.

Oresegun Olumide's paintings are passing a message. You agree with me, don't you?

Every thing on earth - music, pictures, words - passes a message. No matter how blind or deaf you want to be, you will see/hear a message clearly when you look/listen deeply.

So I looked deeply.

I looked to see. To discover.

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When I looked deeply into the eyes of that girl having water dripping all over her face, I saw that she is possessed of a power higher than she is. (Oops! Let's leave it there).

When I looked deeply at the two young ones, the boy and the girl together alone, I might say they are siblings. BUT they are more than siblings. There is an external force holding them together. (I didn't say anything o. Whatever force you are thinking, you're on your own o).

I looked at those pictures one after the other again and again. I tried to convince myself that they were inspiring but it didn't work! You know what they say, "the highest form of deceit is self-deceit."

I will not deceive myself o. (Some of) The messages I have come to find in Oresegun Olumide's pictures are nothing close to Philippians 4:8.

At this point of realization, I am angry.

Really angry.

I am angry for THREE major reasons:
  • It appears like I'm talking from both sides of my mouth. I was just telling you how much I love the art there. Here I am telling you how disturbing I find them to be. It hurts.
  • Oresegun Olumide's paintings is one of my most visited posts at the moment. That should make a blogger happy. But the Spirit in me is sad. "Lord, forgive me!"
  • Oresegun Olumide's paintings was all I tweeted two days ago. I promoted it with enthusiasm. I hate to say I wish I didn't. Oresegun Olumide's paintings have gone viral. And I contributed to it.

I have so much to say but lemme conclude with this:

3 Disturbing Things About Oresegun Olumide's Paintings

Why Children?
What's with the Water?
Why the Nudity? 

I appreciate the art is Oresegun Olumide's paintings. Oh honestly, I do! The art is beautiful. The message, albeit I find rather disturbing . . . 

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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