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STYLE: The Pedestrian Bridge

Hi sweethearts! What's popping? Have you eaten your Sunday rice already? Yours truly have decided not to eat rice today. I want to eat beans. Yes, beans is so on my mind right now. Lol.

WIW on the Pedestrian Bridge

Ever since I officially started keeping a diary of my styles on Sundays, I have not missed a week. And I don't intend to. I was not actually in the mood to do today but I had to force myself. Wait! Am I self-disciplined or what? Hm!

This can only be God. He has given us the grace to do the things that should be done whether we are in the mood or not. *grins* I like to believe God loves fashion. (That's a topic for another day)

Alrightie, I got into this multi-coloured top and figured out one way to rock in it.

See pictures of 'What I Wore' on the pedestrian bridge (close to my church btw) . . . 

A black skirt would have been perfect but for some reasons I said no black jhorr. And it worked. (oh OK, apart from the frame of my glasses. Lol)

That reminds me, for the first time, I discovered that the state and structure of the bridge is not very pleasing to the eyes. I didn't like what I saw in my camera. I deleted quite a number of pictures. :(

Knowing that most of the bridges in Lagos are all in the same condition, I am SMHing as I type now. This is not the first time I'd be taking pictures on a not-so-cool pedestrian bridge in Lagos state.

See na.

Lagos is not all of Nigeria but, as in other matters, it provides a template for the rest of the country. As simple as the issue of pedestrian bridges may seem, it highlights Nigeria's nonchalance to infrastructural development. It's not funny. 

We need bridges that can beautify the environment. We need bridges that will add colours and lights to our pictures, and not take away from it.

Who agrees with me?

Happy Sunday!

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