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STYLE: Daring In The Mix!

Yes, I did it! I have been meaning to do this for a long time. I'm glad I finally did. Oh, it feels so goooood!!! If you'd been following on Instagram, you already know what I'm talking about.

Mixed Prints

Not every time plain and pattern. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and wear prints on prints. Yeah, I did. So can you! :)

Gone are the days when there were fashion rules and guidelines to follow - like don't wear prints on prints, don't wear silver and gold jewellery together, don't wear this don't wear that - now you can create your own style and rock it like you own the world.

OK. I am not the first style blogger to do this - Cassie, Mirabel, Sogie and many others have done it, but this is my first time ever (as far as I can remember)!

I dared to mix these prints and it worked. Oh, it worked!!! I'm so happy about it!!! It was not an easy something-something mehn. This is one of the hardest styles to rock. 

I got the stares and sighs, yet I was BOLD.

Lemme share some tips to help you if you want to rock mixed prints too. 

TIP #1
~ Be BOLD ~
It takes a lot of nerve to rock this style. You have to be comfortable and confident in it. If you don’t wear your clothes with confidence, it will reflect in your carriage. If you doubt your ability to pull off mixed prints, DON’T WEAR IT! For those of us bold enough to try, we can channel our light and give it a shot. Smile, stand tall, keep shoulders high . . . and walk with confidence!

TIP #2
~ Match COLOURS ~
They can be in totally different shades of pattern but ensure they are in complementary shades of colour. It's safer to mixed prints that way. If the colours look good together, more often than not the prints will look good together too. Sometimes, it's better to have one dominant colour in the entire outfit. It will make your look seem more organized and well put together.

You can see that pink is the dominant colour in what I wore.

TIP #3
~ Tone down with SOLID ~
The print-on-print-on-print might just be too much! You can as well chip in some solid-coloured clothes and accessories to calm things down and ground your look. It will balance the style equation. (if there is anything like that. Lol.)

My solid pink earings and solid black sandals created the calming effect for me. Black is the perfect solid colour ever. (You know how much I love black). 

Aww . . . I wish my natural hair can be "nice" like this everyday.

The fact that I rocked mixed prints with my natural hair made those "what is this one wearing" stares very understandable.  Lol. You catch my drift? One would think I know absolutely nothing about fashion. But hey, I know something. And I blog about it. :)

"The first time might be hard but thereafter you will become a pro and start to shine like the star that you are." 
~ Amakamedia

I am so going to style mixed prints again and again . . . I like how it challenges my creativity.

Are you bold enough to wear mixed prints? Ever tried it? 

P.S. It rained that day. That explains the wet ground in the pictures. Happy Sunday!

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