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What I Wore: Red-Orange Inspired By Ankara Fabric

It's the first Sunday in March! Today, March 6, is the 66th day of the year. There are 300 days til the end of the year, which is too much for God to do wonders. So why fret? Relax. Keep calm and thank God you've made it thus far.

I want to show you What-I-Wore to church last week. :)


I love red. And I love orange. So I obviously love red-orange.


Redorange is an exciting colour. It is bold, vibrant and eye-catching. It is also life-giving.

Those are part of the reasons why it's the main colour on my blog. I love love love it.

That was how I accidentally picked the two colours (red-orange and grey) in my Ankara fabric and rocked it all the way!

I say accidentally because I had intended to wear the shoes gifted to me by my sweetie, Glowy. But it didn't work through. Sometimes I have a deep feeling that God is interested in what I wear and when I wear "what". I said "sometimes".

my face was unusually oily. I can't even remember the last time I wore a powder on my face. 

The funny thing about this Ankara fabric is that it appeared to me as brown here and here. I couldn't figure out how the knowledge of the red-orange came about all of a sudden. It can only be God. Abi? *giggles*

It is definitely God. God is the best fashionista ever!

Red-orange is colour of the autumn season. In this season many plants are genetically programmed to produce fruits and seeds. Spiritually speaking, autumn is supernaturally programmed to be the season of harvest.

I was dressed for the season. Awww!!! It is the season of  fruitfulness and harvest!!! I'm excited for the month of March (and the rest of 2016). There shall be so many good news, testimonies and evidence of His glory on every side for me and everyone around me ( and that includes you). Amen!

That reminds me, I rocked the outfit to Folake's birthday party right after church. (Folake was once here).

See, I am receiving good news already. :)

So what are you wearing right now? Don't say anything if you're wearing only some underwears. Lol. Jk

What do you think of red-orange? Have you ever felt God telling you what to wear?

"You're a tree replanted in Eden,
bearing fresh fruit every month,
Never dropping a leaf,
always in blossom."
~ Psalm 1:3, MSG

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