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DIARY: How I Spent Easter

Sometimes keeping track of your life in a diary can be a lot of work. I was excited when I started to think about this post. But then again, I got stuck as to what angle to start from. Ah, too many things happened . . . good things.

Easter 2016

Easter break started on Friday and ended on Monday (yesterday). For each day, about 10 things happened and 2 events were attended. So you can imagine how difficult it is for me to pen it all down.

I do not intend to bore you with my gist. The little time you squeeze out to visit my blog should always be worth it. So I will only point out one thing about each day. No long story.

Good Friday
~ Outreach ~ 

The holiday started on a good note. I had three places to go to, but reaching out to the world was more important. My church organized  an evangelical programme which we tagged "Lets-Go-A-Fishing". Let-Go-A-Fishing was the highlight of my day. It feels good to talk about Jesus to someone. The joy is out of this world!

Can you guess who this is? *grins*

Holy Saturday
~ Motherhood ~ 

Lol. I felt more like a good mother than a good daughter on Saturday. Mum travelled and I had to act in her place. Whoever said being a mother was easy? Phew.

Easter Sunday
~ Red Carpet ~ 

I hosted the red carpect for 'Laf4Success' put together by Mr. Babs. I love it when I do "AMAKAMEDIA" things - broadcasting, presenting or voicing can make any day special for me. If I don't do or be any AMAKAMEDIA-nize thing in three days, I will be bored to death. Literally.

(no "fine" pictures yet. Still waiting to get them)

Easter Monday
~ Roasted corn ~ 

I went to visit some friends and I bought roasted corn along the road! We enjoyed it. Yeah, funny how eating roasted corn was the highlight of my day. Lol.

“Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect; it means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections and are grateful.”

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Have you got any Easter gist too? Share in the comment box below :) 

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