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How To Trend On Twitter Quickly

It's Friday! Since I stopped creating more podcasts, I've not figured out what Friday should look like. At the moment, we've got Inspirational Mondays, Dear Diary Tuesdays, Love Wednesdays, and Style Sundays. For Fridays? Nothing yet.

Anyways, let's keep going. This can work.

How To Trend On Twitter

So I trended on Twitter last week. :D

Remember when I somewhat celebrated my 4th Twitterversary? I've been on Twitter for more than four years now. It is my favourite social media platform. I love that I know how to use it. Not everybody does. Am I lying?

So excuse my bragging a little here.*rme*

Getting to trend is not an easy feat, but it is possible. You can trend. Anybody can trend on Twitter. Miracles are happening nowadays.

Some #hashtag trend because they are tweeted by celebrities (movie stars or music artistes) who have million of active followers while others trend because they are promoted (paid for). But for those of us who are not so popular and can’t be getting these things, here are some tips we need:

1. Tweet Something good enough to trend: 

Tweets that appeal to emotions, call for logical reasoning or make a good laugh have a high probability to trend. Make your hashtag relatable. For example,  #LetterToMyEx, #ThingsILongThroatFor, #WorldJollofRiceDay, etc. Tweets with already trending hashtag are also very likely to make you trend!

2. Give your followers a reason to tweet your hashtag: 

You need to give your followers a reason to tweet with the hashtag. Would it make them feel good, bless their followers or get more followers? Would it let them think? I personally like to tweet hashtags that promote positivity.

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3. Beg Ask for retweets

I like how Twitter works. It is a ripple effect - When you tweet ABC, your followers will retweet your ABC tweet. Then your followers' followers will retweet your followers'  retweet of ABC tweet. Then your followers' followers' followers will retweet your followers' followers' retweets of ABC tweet. It's quite interesting.

So you can tell your followers to tell their followers to retweet your tweet. The more retweets you get, the higher your chance to trend. It's not bad to @ a follower and say "please RT". Retweets do the magic. 

4. Keep it going

I think tweets get more attention when we keep the conversation going. If your tweet gets people talking or cursing, then you are on the right track! Most people (Nigerians especially) like to make jest of other people. If you can handle criticisms, go for it!

I once tried it. Read 'Making Restitution'

When you keep them talking, you just might trend.

5. Reply replies: Last but not the least, retweet your replies and reply replies. (I hope that doesn't sound confusing). Retweeting your replies will result in the hashtag trending for a longer period of time. 

AMAKAMEDIA is not a social media expert yet. However, I believe if you get #1 and #2 right, you wouldn't really have to bother about #3 - People will gladly reweet your tweets. Then #4 will happen automatically and let you get #5 with ease. Happy trending! 

Got questions or additional tips? Please share in the comment box below. Thanks. 

P.S. I'm still trying to understand Instagram. Phew.

Happy weekend, sweetie. Stay positive. Stay inspired. Love you.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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