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STYLE: When My Natural Hair Smiles . . .

Happy Sunday, sweeties! All of a sudden, it's the last Sunday in September. Where is the year running to, biko? Hmmm . . . lemme also 'run' to finish this WIW post before I miss House Fellowship.

My Natural Hair At Nelly's wedding

Permit me, I like to address my natural hair as "she" sometimes. You know why? My natural hair has her own special wardrobe and makeup kit. She is a lady in my world like that o. 

This lady, who happens to be my hair can be very annoyingly stubborn. She can be difficult to live with. We are always either arguing or keeping malice with each other.*sighs* But I still like her anyway. I have been trying my best to keep her in good shape and all, but sometimes I get so lazy busy and overlook what she really needs; my attention. She craves for it. 

Some days ago, her poor condition (dryness and breakage) gave me a great concern. And I was forced to give her a treat (washing and deep conditioning). Guess what? She was so happy and grateful for all I did. She smiled at me!

My hair doesn't smile everyday. So when she does, it calls for a celebration. Like seriously. It's very rare to see her looking so good without any makeup. And there she was looking naturally stunning. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Wearing a wig or a scarf, like I usually do, was not an option at that time. I just had to show her off somehow. Somewhere. Anywhere. Everywhere.

And so that was how I showed off my natural hair at a wedding. She was super-duper awesome! The compliments she received were out of this world! 

See pictures of WIW to Nelly's wedding below. . . 

Meet my friends . . .

Ekanem and Simeon (aka PstSimcard)
Classmates with the couple
Meet Sweet Uche! She held the camera all the while I was displaying my crazitivity *whispers* Uche is happily married and has two children already. Having her behind the camera was an honour.
That moment she receives a compliment . . .  "Awww!"

Oh, I loved my hair that day. I even wrote about her on my private diary. She literally made me proud. Go hair go!

My smiling hair :)
How I wish my natural hair would wear a smile everyday. Mehn, I can only be wishing o!

Some days are not funny. Picture this:
Me: *combs hair* Ouch! What do I do to this hair gan sef?! 
Hair: *laughs mischievously* 
Me: What is funny?!  
Hair: I love you boo
Me: *sighs* Arghhh! 

She can be that . . . !!! 

Do you have a good or somewhat crazy relationship with your hair too? Do you talk with your hair? Lol.

Remember; God makes all things beautiful in His time. Happy Sunday! 

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