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What I Wore: 6 Inch Pencil Heel Ankara Sandals + Helpful Tips

Happy Sunday + Valentine, sweethearts of my blogosphere! What's up? How is it going? No matter what you're going through, always remember God's got you!

OK. I've come to show off again. :)

6 Inch High Heel Sandals

When it comes to looking stylish, nothing beats a gorgeous pair of high heels. Heels make your legs look longer, your body look slimmer, and your whole outfit just a little more sophisticated.

Whoever designed the first high heel shoes? God bless that head!

But erm, they also make our foot hurt sometimes! Some medical practitioners has even advised us to avoid wearing high heels. We are told to get rid of those shoes that cause discomfort, but the fashionista in us will not hear.

Women naturally like wahala sha. Think about it.

Well, I don't care. I love heels. And I will continue to rock them with grace and confidence. :)

Nice, yeah? Not my legs. I'm talking about the shoes. Lol. 
This is the second time I'd be rocking these shoes after they made their debut here.

I wore them to church, and I received quite a number of comments. Some comments were ecstatic while others were sarcastic.

"Amaka, you're very tall today o!"
"You are taller than me today. Hahaha!"
"Hmm. . . This your shoe sha!"
"No wonder! I was wondering why you are so tall!"

Ironically, the shoes made my "shortness" very obvious.

There’s no denying that shoes with high heels look fabulous. They’re elegant, chic, stylish, and finish a smart outfit off beautifully. They also make you appear more feminine.

However, high heels should not be worn all the time. (How I wish I could take my own advice now).

No, it's not shoki. I was trying to remove something from my eyes that time. I promise. o_O
Different rays of sweetness ;) 

I'm not a pro when it comes to walking on heels, but I try. Two tips make it easier for me:

Tip #1
Walk Slowly
If you're a slow walker like me, then you'll have no issues. But if you're a fast walker, then you'll need to learn to slow down on heels. Trying to walk quickly in heels often make you end up looking a bit awkward. Between the smaller steps and the compromised balance, it’s best to take your time in heels. Besides, walking slowly gives off an air of confidence. ;)

Tip #2
Stand Up Straight

When you are on heels, you can not slouch. You need to be on top of your posture when you wear high heels. You are adding inches to your height, and you need to keep your body balanced. I tend to slouch when I walk normally (my back is not straight), so I consciously practise keeping my head looking up and forward with shoulders pulled back and my back straight.

You know what they say "practice makes perfect". Let's keep practising till we become pros!

I even dance in them :D
blowing you kisses from Lagos, Nigeria :*

Let's learn together. What's the highest inch you've ever rocked? Have you got tips for walking in them?

P.S. Lol. Just in case you were wondering "why is she not talking about Valentine or how she spent her Val's day?". I'm so not into Valentine this year, and it has nothing to do with my relationship status. But here is wishing you a Happy Valentine! How did it go for you? What did you wear? Where did you go?

P.S.S Erm . . .  OK. I'd probably gist you about how my Val's day went on Tuesday's Dear Diary.

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