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I was gisting with some guys - real mature Christian brothers - about a particular issue relating to relationships when we delved into "What I want in a woman". Being the only female around, I just couldn't keep it to myself!

8  Things Godly Men Want In A Woman

I stole Martins' Dp

I love men. Yeah. I don't care how you interpret it. I honestly love men. I like how they think. They are not as complicated as women. They are simple. They go straight to the point. When they are ready and see what they want, they go for it. No time! 

I've been blessed with opportunities to live and work with different men. God just has a way of placing me in a male-dominated environment.

In my former place of work, I was the only female there. In the department (media/technical) at my local church where I am currently serving, I am the only female there. Not to mention that I am the only daughter in the family.

So I know quite a lot about men. I am blessed like that. And I shouldn't take it for granted. I appreciate every man I have come in contact with. You all rock!

Although, I wonder why none of you has married me yet. After all the time we've spent together? C'mon guys! Lol.

Ladies, have you ever wondered why a man would go out with just any kind of lady, even shower her with the most expensive gifts, yet abandon her to marry one who isn't as beautiful, as well connected, as educated as the one he was dating? Me too!

I have come to reveal their secrets to you. But I will like us to strike a deal: You will share this article and will not keep it to yourself. Deal? Yes!

In choosing a wife, there are many things a man looks out for, but these 8 stand out:


A godly man doesn't marry for beauty and good looks alone. To a real man, beauty and attraction are defined by so much more than physical appearance. They do not go after the most beautiful face, unless the woman possesses a beautiful heart - character and personality. A big heart is more attractive to a godly man than big boobs and bum!


A godly man chooses the confident woman. There is something about the woman who exudes confidence, she is ever beautiful and attractive to a man. A woman who is confident knows who she is and what she believes, and reveals it in her interactions with others. She believes in herself, and knows she is valuable standing alone. She’s not defined by her relationship status, her physical appearance or her "sexiness".


Men do not like women who talk too much, and ladies who can't keep secrets. Any woman who cannot think creatively to solve the daily difficulties in a relationship, and who cannot be seen as her man's best friend, would not be a good helpmeet. Most happily married men attest that in marriage and relationships, attributes such as gentleness, patience, generosity, loyalty and love, are far more valuable than any personal attractions or social class, or intellectual accomplishments of a lady.

Good Dress Sense

Godly men love women with good dress sense. The way a lady dresses is one of the ways that reveals her character. Any refined, "wife material" woman, will not dress up garishly and tastelessly with a view to display herself. Real men wants their food covered. There is no need to flirt around or flaunt your stuff. Flirting and flaunting will definitely attract a certain type of man to your side, but not the godly man.


Real men are looking for real women who will reflect the qualities of womanhood. They don't need you to compete with them. They want you to complement them. A women who strive to be a better version of herself is more attractive than a woman who is trying to prove she can do what a man can do. Be the woman and let him be the man!

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Every man wants to marry an industrious woman especially during these harsh economic times. "A lazy mistress makes lazy servants, and, what is worse, a lazy mother makes lazy children." Gone are the days when men were the sole provider in the home. Men want women who will contribute to the relationship too! While a man will spend on you, and show you love with his money, he still wants a woman who makes her own money.


Men look for women with the same vision. He needs a woman that’s also called to go to the mission field with him. Not every woman can survive in the hardships of bleak mission fields. Not every woman can survive the load and scrutiny of being a pastor’s wife.  Not every woman can bear her man being on-call at the hospital, firehouse, or ambulance four nights out of the week. Men look for women who have the same vision and will complement them. A woman on the same mission is an attractive woman.


A woman who fears God, and is prayerful is a treasure to the man. He wouldn't trade her for anything in the world! He does not want a woman who trifles with Christianity. He wants a woman who is radically given to Christ - sold out completely to God.

The list is not exhaustive but this is basically it. I intentionally didn't mention that men love women who know how to cook good food because we know that already. Abi na?

One of my Christian brothers said:
"Women need to redefine the qualities they think they should have to impress a man. It’s time for them to  step away from all this their sexual seduction and begin to believe in their true beauty. My admiration for a woman comes only when she lives out the nature of Christ. "
~ Brother Gabriel

Awesome. We've heard you guys. Thank you very much! 

My sweet-hearted ladies, let us not be desperate to get a man. Keep following Jesus. Never stop working on becoming a better and stronger woman. He'll find us when the time is right.

Me (looking like sister Mary) with four of my favourite Christian brothers :) 

In conclusion, we as women have to be careful to look beyond the 6 packs, good command of English and flashy show of wealth. Keep in mind that a godly man is a man who possesses all qualities in Joseph, the man Mary married. Don't settle for less (settle for Christ)! 

Thanks for reading. Don't forget to share this article o.

What else do you guys look out for? 

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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