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3 Important Things You Need For Greatness

If you crave for the top, and really want to fulfill purpose, this post is for you. Read to digest, and let it illuminate your heart. What you're about to read is going to change your life. I'm not joking. 

The 3 Secrets of Greatness

God is no respecter of persons. He is a respecter of principles. He respects those who respect the principles of His word. These principles are the secrets behind greatness.

Greatness is neither my idea nor your idea. It is God's. That thought of greatness that is stirring within us is planted by God. And He intends to bring it to pass. So get ready! It is time to shine. It is time to manifest His glory.

God said, "Your task is to let My Light shine in the world."
And I asked, "How? This world is such a big place and, oh, so complicated right now. I am so small and have no inflence, there is nothing I can do."
But God in all great wisdom said, "Just let My Light be in you first." 

Emphasis on "let". "Let" means to allow, to permit, to make room, to give opportunity.

God made me understand that the ball is in my court. The more I allow His light to be in me, the brighter I will shine. And the greater I will become.

Greatness has a cost. And its name is commitment. You can’t achieve success without pledging yourself to a cause. You can’t move to the next level without making a choice.

Sure, it costs you something. It probably costs you a hundred somethings. Every choice inevitably means not choosing something else.  What are you choosing lately? 

I received these three major keys: 

  • Holiness
  • Obedience
  • Faith

I feel like a preacher today. Lol. This isn't my style. I like to share a little personal story when I write, but today is different. I am preaching!

"He hath in due times manifested his word through preaching, which is committed unto me according to the commandment of God our Saviour;" ~ Titus 1:3, KJV

When I read the above verse in my Bible, I cringed. "manifested his word through preaching" rang through my heart. He probably wanted me to preach today. :) 

One truth we must realise in the pursuit of true greatness is that we do not jump into greatness, we grow into greatness. And the way to grow into greatness is to be planted in the soil of holiness, obedience and faith towards God's service. Until you know how to serve, you are still far from the top.

There are many other principles such as; giving, humility, wisdom, and so on. But these three are the foundation on which other principles are built.

You must be a holy vessel fit for the Master's use.
You must obey what God tells you to do. No amount of tears or prayer can make you great. You have to obey what He is telling to do.
You must have faith in your dream. Have faith in your ability. And most importantly, have faith in God.

God has a plan to bring you into greatness. There is something phenomenal you were born to accomplish. And God has equipped you with the gifts and talents to fulfil it.

Sweetie, make a commitment to come up higher. Decide to take that giant step into greatness. Get up and go! Push further. Keep going. Don't stop.

Happy New Week!
May His Light shine upon you this week. Amen. 

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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