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PHOTO: Creativity Is When You Sketch Out Styles Out Of Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have never looked so chic. I saw these pictures and couldn't wait to show you. Everything keeps confirming God's Word in my heart this season (fruitfulness). Check onnit!

"Fashion Food"

A San Francisco-based creative young director and fashion designer, Gretchen Röehrs blended food and fashion in her illustrations. Instead of creating pen-and-ink sketches, the fashion illustrator used colorful fruits, vegetables and flowers to form artistic fashion drawings.

You will be dazed. See pictures below . . .

These chic fashion drawings prove that there are no limitations for an artist’s imagination. A weirdo creative mind can convert a simple and ordinary thing into something extraordinary. Creativity is divine. So pure. So real.

I love love love them all. Creativity turns me on. I get filled when I see things like these. In fact, I will not eat anything for the next 3 days. Lol.

(Source: Quora) 

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