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Hahaha!!! See God relating with me as a businessman! I'm flabberwhelmed and overghasted!

"Do Business Until I Come"

You know I like to be very personal with you. Right? So I have to tell you this - God taught me how to draw a business plan. It's huuuge!

The Bible has so much to say about business than I ever knew. Recently, everything I read seems to be talking about business . . . business . . . business. 

As at Thursday, I was dead broke. And I had so many financial obligations to settle over the weekend. I was worried. I didn't know how to go about it. What did I do? Your guess is as good as mine. I cried. *covers face* I also prayed.

Through the weekend (till today), all I prayed was for wisdom to make money. I even told my beloved sisters (TWTW) to pray along with me - it is my most current earnest desire.

"I want to make money!"

The prayer may have surprised God as much as it surprises me because I've never prayed this way before. Oops. God is God, He can't be surprised. He always know what I am going to ask long before I ask.

"Lord, help me to make money. You said I have the power to create wealth. I want to start creating this wealth." 

Before now, I used to think asking God about money was ungodly. I used to think when we (Christians called into ministry) make money, it is following after worldly pleasures. But thank God! My thoughts have been renewed.

God commands us to do business. 

"Do business until I come." 
~ Luke 19:13

It is a mandate. A calling. An assignment.

Do business.

Do business.

Amaka, do business.

There is no way you and I can escape from this urgent responsibility. We're going to have to give an account to God for how we fulfill this command to do business until He comes.

There are 4 vital lessons I want to share with you today:

LESSON #1: "Do BUSINESS" is a commandment you must obey

LESSON #2: Your obedience to do BUSINESS helps others to do likewise

The command to, "do business till I come," is that the eternal destiny of hundreds of others is at stake. By doing your own business, you make room for others to do theirs.

That's why He says, "Be fruitful and multiply". You can't afford to fail.

I see me having a successful business already.

Lesson #3: The BUSINESS is to extend His kingdom. GLOBALLY. 

Like any good businessman, God wants to franchise His perfect will globally - He wants to show forth His glory through us. This is His plan for us. 

LESSON #4: The BUSINESS should not rushed, and neither should we be in a hurry. We will discover His business PLAN daily - line upon line, precept upon precept. 

Sweeties, Remember we are in the glorious season of fruitfulnessIt means we can't just sit here and claim to be faithful to His Word until He comes. It means, go out and reproduce, go out and grow, go out and do something about it. 

You have a seed of greatness in you. Use it. Sow it. Invest in it. So you can be fruitful. Reap a harvest. Have a profit. Make BIG money. :) 

This responsibility to do business is super awesome. It is a tremendous responsibility. I likey!

May we be fruitful. May our businesses be so blessed -we make plenty money -for others to be blessed through us in Jesus' name. Amen. 

Happy New Week.
Stay inspired.

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