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DIARY: Why Am I Like This?

"Dear Diary" is slowly becoming the best read feature on the blog. You people just like doing amebo. Lol.  :) 

Me and Makeup 

I pride myself in many things. Being a lady who rocks a makeup-less face with confidence is one.

I'm a model who wears no makeup. :) 

But now that I have started Instagramming a lot, I see many beautiful pictures of women wearing make-up. These pictures probably prompted the idea of buying myself a lipstick.

So I went out of my comfort zone to visit a makeup store to find a nice lipstick colour. Oops. I just lied. I actually went to the hair shop which happened to have a make up store. So I decided to feed my eyes after getting my preferable weaves. (And to probably buy a makeup kit for the first time in my life).

It's 2016. I should grow up. Shouldn't I?

There I was standing right in front of the lipstick section at the store. With tons of shades to choose from, I was completely lost.

Then a lady (who is probably the store keeper) walked up to me and asked me whether I needed any help. I had obviously given myself away because anyone could define my facial expression from a distance. "Yes. I don't know which one will fit me" I told her. 

I asked her a lot of questions, but her response were very unsatisfactory. And I could tell she was already judging me. She must have thought I was an "SU" or something, considering the fact that I was wearing a maxi skirt. Then she picked out some colours for me, and didn't explain what to look out for so that I can become a more independent lipstick chooser. That wasn't cool. 

OK. As I attempted to apply the dark pink one on my lips, my hands were shaking. I was so nervous. I did anyway. As I looked into the mirror, I felt like a clown. 

I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. I wiped off the lipstick and ran away.

I could feel the lady's eyes fixed on my bumbum as they swing left and right in fast motion out through the door. I'm not sure I will ever go back there again. It's embarrassing.

Seriously, why am I like this? 

I'm a freelance presenter. I anchor red carpets, talk shows and even attend weddings. Yet, all I wear is a neutral lip gloss, after struggling to carve my eye brows (that's if I'm in the mood). I see me employing a personal assistant as my makeup artiste when I hammer. Lol. 

Dear Diary, I actually don't think it's a bad thing to wear makeup. Nah. I will wear when it is very compulsory and most necessary. Trust me. 

This could have been me but . . . 
I feel more confident without makeup. Makeup makes me too self conscious and nervous.

Why exactly do women wear make up? Just curious. 

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