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STYLE: Feminizing The Tie

It’s no secret I love men’s tie and incorporating them into my outfits is one of my favourite fashion statements. So I thought it would be fun to show you a few of the ways I like to incorporate ties into my styles. :)

Wearing A Tie Femininely

I admire men who wear ties, but I adore ladies who wear them. They are BOLD and WEIRD. Lol. Women should wear ties often. I’m even wearing one right now, I'm not joking. I like them that much.

“Feminizing the tie” does not mean I'm a feminist. That's far from it. “Feminizing the tie” means taking a men’s style and making it our own. In other words, you don’t have to look like you’re trying to dress like a man. Just because you’re borrowing a man’s tie doesn’t mean that you want to look like one. You get?

These tips might help you when you are trying to wear a tie femininely . . .

Wear Ties With Skirts

Above all things, I like to achieve a feminized look by rocking ties with skirts - they may be high-waisted pencil, pleated, or maxi. Anyone goes. You can also wear them with trousers but skirts work best for me.

Wear Ties With White Shirts

I also like to rock ties on white shirts. White shirts make you look chic and classy. Accessorizing a white shirt with a tie makes a bold fashion statement.

Rock Ankara Ties

You know I'm a big fan of Ankara accessories. There is no way I would have no ties in Ankara fabric. It gets head turning towards my direction. Yeah, I love attention. No apologies.

Shine Through

Don't be too uptight. Let your personality shine through. Style is all about personal expression. Express yourself freely. Be yourself. Go crazy. 

What To Avoid

One major hint on "feminizing the tie" is to avoid tightly buttoned collars and tightly knotted ties. Instead, loosen the knot and let out your sweet feminine expressions. Don't be too uptight. Don't cover your beauty and charm . . . and your vulnerability.

You do agree I look feminine in the middle of two guys, don't you?

I recently found that ties prevent my buttons from coming off. And even if they do come off, the tie covers me up. Isn't that cool?

When a woman wears a tie, it says a lot about her personality. She is bold. She is confident. She is independent. She is daring. She is chic. She is a boss of her own. Youknowahmsayin'

Sweetie, if you are nervous about wearing a tie, don’t worry – part of what makes it a fashion statement is that it stands you out from the crowd. You can practise in front of your mirror. I will not tell anyone. Lol.

One face with many expressions. Feminizing ties is both stylish and cool!

Mail me a picture of you "feminizing the tie". I'd love to feature you on another fresh #SundayStyle or #WhatIWore post.

What say you? Are you up for this?

Happy Easter!

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