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See What I Got For Christmas :)

Hello sweeties! Hope you had a fantastic Christmas celebration. Oya gist me. :)
Exactly two weeks ago, I told you what I had on my wish list. So I think it's proper to show you what I finally got. :)

What I Got For Christmas

I googled the meaning of "Boxing Day" to be very sure I know what it means. But it appears Mr. Google is also confused. Who knows the real meaning??

OK. While I await your response. I guess Boxing Day is stated to be December 26, a day to open your Christmas gift box. Yeah? Well, I couldn't meet up to our posting time (5:59 AM) on Saturday. So I postponed it till today.

I want to open my gift box right before your eyes. Not to brag, but to appreciate the givers as well as to share my testimony. :)

My gifts actually started pouring in after I wrote my Christmas wish list. I became aware of the presents I receive everyday. My sensitivity to what I see, hear and feel was heightened. I knew . . . Yes, I knew the floor gates of Heaven were opened before me. I had to be positioned for my allocation. (If you do not understand what I mean. No problem.)

Here we go!

  • Visit to the Spa
Bolatito, a fellow blogger and friend was my first Santa of the year. She offered me a free beauty treatment at Tee Planet Beauty and Spa. Thank you so much, B-cube!

I've never been to a spa. It was an awesome experience. The customer service at Tee Planet was so on point. I didn't want to leave. As in ehn! 

my toe nails are fine like that :D

I will so love to go there again. If not for anything else, a massage will do.

  • Dinner Dress
Jokingly, I said to him, "I don't have a dress to wear to the dinner gan sef" And he replied, "how much can you get a good one?" Just like that.

That was how I got me a new dress. I like the colours on the dress - green and yellow. You will see it towards the end of this post. Thanks to him. (If I mention his name, he will kill me. And I don't want to die yet. Lol)

  • Airtime
Sir John and Bro. Kunle are two of the best men I have met. Alongside the SMS' they sent to wish me a "merry Christmas" were credit recharge pins.

I can't remember the last time my call credit balance was more than N500. Lol. Thanks to Sir John and Bro. Kunle.

  • A Pair of Slippers
You know how you're seeing a friend off to the junction. And you both are chatting along. Huh? That was how it happened. "Those slippers are nice o" "You like them? Let's buy na." V-i-o-l-a!

rocking 'em already :D
I love them. They are simple, cute and comfy. Thanks to Ikenna. God bless you richly.

  • Being With Family
I spent my Christmas at home. Yeah. I went nowhere. Everybody was present - my dad, mum and brothers. And a cousin also came around. We spent the day together - making salad, eating and eating, playing around, telling stories and watching movies - merrying. 

we woke up like this on Christmas Day
We took selfies immediately after our morning devotion at exactly 6:12 AM on Christmas Day. We were so joyful and grateful. We rejoiced. Christmas with family is everything, I tell you! Thanks to God for this gift.

  • A Dream Come True
On the 18th day of December 2014, I was at the office all by myself. I worked with an IT & Media Consulting company by the way. (read a little here). I can't vividly remember where everybody went. I just found myself alone. Nobody was there. Just me. I was kinda bored.

Then I heard a Voice say; "Amaka, you will not be like this next year." The Voice made a strong impression on me. I kept those words in my heart.

I took this picture that day and posted it on Twitter to remember.

Fast forward to the 19th day of December 2015. I found myself working for AMAKAMEDIA - an entity still being unveiled. I had two programmes to anchor that very day. It wasn't a boring day!

1. An Author Interview:
Frances invited me to be a part of her book reading and discussion. She also wanted me to be the "interviewer" for her video production. There was no better place to be at that time. I had so much fun. Thank you for having me, Frances!

Can you spot me in the picture. :)
Frances and I modelling for Christ. Lol. I unintentionally wore the same dress I wore last year. Same dress, same time, different story. 
Did I tell you she gave me two hard copies of '10 Steps To Walking In Purpose' too? Yeah, she did. Frances is such an amazing Santa. *grins*

2. A Red Carpet:

GUO transport Co. had their end of the year dinner party. I was invited (by my school mum - Chidinma) to anchor the red carpet. An opportunity to be behind a microphone is the best gift ever - to speak, to shine - to give expression to my gift. I was high-spirited. Thank you for having me, maami!

That was where I changed into the new dress. You like?

meet Chidinma (maami). The lady with a beautiful heart. 
I posted on Instagram to acknowledge that this one dream I had, indeed came true. I've got no reason to stop dreaming. No reason whatsoever. 

That same Voice said to me on the 19th Day of December 2015: "Amaka, you are not where you were last year." I shed tears. It came through.

See, when God says He will do something. Just believe it already. Even when it doesn't look like it, it will be it eventually. Keep hope alive. It is never too late to recieve that miracle you've been waiting all year for. God is too faithful to fail! 

There might be a part two of this post. I have so much to tell you - free lunch, visit to the beach, recommendation, etc. But lemme stop here for now.

Your turn. What did you get for Christmas? Share your testimonies.

You can even upload pictures in the comment box too. Simply click on the image icon.

Happy post Boxing Day!
Love you so much!

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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