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Why Did God Create Cockroaches?

I can avoid telling you about this creature on a Monday, but no. It's exactly the same way I tried to sleep, but couldn't. While you were sleeping, I was wide awake. Staring at the ceiling. Scared to death. Now it's pay back time! Lol.

The Cockroaches

I spent few hours trying to decide on the title for this article when I decided to write it. I had three options;

1. I hate cockroaches!
2. Why are cockroaches so evil?!
3. Suffer not the cockroaches to live!

But then, something changed my mind. A thought about thinking on it did.

Last night, I heard that raspy sound which I knew cockroaches make when crawling over a paper. The sound actually woke me up. I had slept off while reading a book so the light was left on. I saw it right on my bed. A big, brownish black cockroach on my bed! Before I could do something, it had scurried towards the corner of my bed.

I sluggishly searched for the cockroach but didn't find it. Then I ignored it. I stood up to switch off the light. And went back to sleep. But I kept hearing the noise of the cockroach. "Ugh!" I turned, sighed and hissed over and over again.

"The battle has only just begun!" I could almost hear it talk. I couldn't sleep with the noise. "This' not fair!" I decided to switch back the light and was determined to find it, kill it, and crush it without mercy. I thought it deserved to die for taking sleep away from my eyes. When the light was on, I couldn't believe what I saw. Oh my gosh!

There were two big, brownish black cockroaches running side by side like two lovers playing a 'catch-me-if you-can' kind of game. I stood stunned, disgusted and scared. It was at the still of the night, so I couldn't scream. (By the way, I'm a big screamer) I held my mouth in shock.

Just when I thought I'd seen the worse, my eyes caught one crawling on my reading table. Another one on my sewing machine. Another one flying on the wall. Another one and another one and another one. I suddenly had goose pimples. "Jesus! Jesus! Come and save me!" I cried.

I started bursting out in tongues as I did not know exactly how and what to pray about. It felt like an attack from my enemies. They were not just big and brownish black, they were also flying cockroaches!

I was scared to death. I began to sing,  "Arise O Lord, and let your enemies be scattered." I prayed. And I prayed really hard.

OK. After I was done praying, the cockroaches didn't disappear. Holy Ghost fire didn't come down to burn them. "Choi!" I started thinking. While I was thinking, I kept asking just one question;
"Why did God create cockroaches?!"
"Why did God create cockroaches?!"
"Why did God create cockroaches?!"

I love God's creatures. I really do. I've talked about butterflies, doves, and all. but I can't stand these ones. . . The Cockroaches.
I know that God has a purpose and a plan for everything under the sun. I know God has something in mind for these creepy creatures too.

As I await God's response to this question, I have come up with this one reason why God created cockroaches.

To Challenge Man
A challenge is something or anything that tests your strength, ability and confidence. It triggers your intellect and inspires you to think. Challenges are source of inspiration for great things to be born.

Some men have taken up the challenge and have invented effective repellants.

As I type this, the cockroaches are all over my room, some are dead, some are dying and some are just running around without any sense of direction. They've been drugged. The repellants are working on them. 

Here I am taking up the challenge too. I'm writing to keep a memory of what happened last night. . . a night I couldn't sleep because of some big, brownish black and flying cockroaches.

I'm also writing to tell you to take up the challenge that comes your way. Let it inspire you. Let it trigger your creativity. Let it make you do great things. Let it make you shine. 

Happy New Week, Sweetheart!
Stay inspired.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Follow on Twitter: @Amakamedia 
Email: amakamedia@yahoo.com
Heart Rays  . . .giving out the light.

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