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STYLE: When You Feel Like "Just there"

Yipee! It's the last Sunday of 2015. We made it. Thanks to God! I was feeling a bit like "just there" this morning. But the devil failed. How are you doing sweetheart? Hope you're feeling cool. 

You know how we do it every Sunday. Lemme show you what I Wore to church today. :)

WIW: The Last Sunday Of 2015

If I had picked up my private diary this morning, I would have written something like: "I feel so indifferent. I am neither happy nor sad. I can't explain this feeling, and I don't like it!" 

Have you ever felt that way? When you're like . . .  "just there". 

The feeling kinda inspired me to wear brown.

So I dragged myself to church today. I was actually five minutes late. I wore my scarf with my hairnet still on. Lol. Just wasn't feeling myself.

This wasn't how I wanted my scarf to look like :( 

It was weird how I spent time trying to tie my scarf the same way I'd have done in less than 2 minutes. As if that wasn't weird enough. As soon as I got to the gate, my beautiful burberry scarf fell off my head. Jeez!

I'm hoping to find an interpretation for that scenario. I feel it's a sign. Do you know what it means? Please share. It can't be one of those things. There must be something attached to it. *thinking* 

that moment of contemplating whether to pose with my glasses or not. Lol
I couldn't decide. Which is finer; with or without?

Anyways, I got my groove on just after I hurriedly tied my scarf again and went into the church. You can't be indifferent when you are in the presence of God. Nah. There is joy, peace and freedom when you go to God and lay it all down at the altar. I feel so gooood right now! 

You know what? When we feel like "just there", it means we don’t feel good enough. When we say "I'm just there", what we are really saying is that we don’t feel good about ourselves. We don’t feel good about our abilities. We don’t feel up to the task at hand – whatever that task may be. We are concerned about should have been instead of what it is. 

The way out? Count your blessings. Be grateful for this moment. Be positive. Be inspired.

I took more pictures with my glasses sha :) 

This is what I now write in my diary: Seeing the last Sunday of the year is enough reason to be happy and grateful. I am not "just there". I am too blessed to be "just there".

That's it. It's been fun showing you WIW today and in the past weeks. Sweetie, thanks for sharing these rays with me. You have no idea how it makes me feel. :)

2016 is calling. Start keying into the prophetic atmosphere. Start Seeking God's face to get a personal revelation of what He has purposed to do as well as what He requires you to do in 2016.

Happy Sunday.
So what did you wear?
There is plenty gist for tomorrow o. Till then . . . stay inspired. I love you. *kisses*

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