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STYLE: Lol. It Doesn't Matter Whether It's Vintage Or "Okrika"

I would definitely shop okrika (as we call it) even if I make all the money in the world. Lol. You just never know what you might find in a thrift shop. I like the uniqueness you get with vintage clothing.

Vintage For Work

So I found another lace skirt. Yay.

I don't know when my love for fashion started exactly. For long, my priority when it came to fashion — and existence in general — was to be unique.

I never was satisfied with the "ready-made" clothes my mum got for me while growing up. And I didn't hide my dissatisfaction. She was always complaining about my ingratitude. Poor woman. I am sorry mum. I love you. :D

And shortly after, I came across the beauty in the art of thrift shopping (what we locally describe as okrika or bend-down-select). There I found dramatic old-fashioned clothes, the resonances of '60s, '70s and '80s fashion, the full skirts and baggy dresses with flabby arms. It was magical. It was creative. It was beautiful. My love for unique styles was sealed.

With time, I also discovered the variety of unique things I could do with the Ankara Fabric. So I fell in love.

And my personal style statement began to evolve . . .

Much like those who get a bit hassled for wearing all black in the sun or wearing their hair natural or mixing prints on prints. I, too, get some rather annoying and misguided questions and comments surrounding my choices in fashion sometimes. Because apparently dressing uniquely can make you appear too old-schooled and anti-fashion, or something.

Thank goodness a lot of formal (and creative) environments are shifting to more casual and unique dress codes. And I've been blessed to work in organisations that allow freedom of self-expression. I don't think any of my former bosses or current ones have ever minded my choice of looking as unique as I want.

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Ignore the flat bumbum. We're working on getting it back in shape. Lol.

A vintage look is neither too playful or serious - it's always just right.

If you’re interested in adding a vintage flair to your personal style, start small and work within your comfort zone. As you explore vintage fashion, you will discover what styles look good on you and how to adapt them to represent your uniqueness.

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I actually feel like I travelled to the past in this fishtail lace skirt, but I'm back now. 

Happy Style Sunday!

Do you think Okrika (thrift shopping) is meant for poor people? Do rich people wear Okrika?

Poated by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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