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5 Tips For Staying Stylish When It's Raining In Nigeria

First of all, are we in the rainy season? Me I'm not understanding oh. One minute it’s all bright and shiny, the next minute it’s raining cats and dogs.

Last Thursday, the heavens opened and the rain poured for hours on end. It had me thinking about what to wear the next day. Hence this post . .

Staying Stylish On Rainy Days

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Dressing for rainy days takes a little more thought because you cannot just come, pick and go. Nope. You have to consider the weather and the roads, or else you might find yourself drenched, dirty and damaged.(Any better word starting with 'D'? I wanted an alliteration moment there. Lol).

Every time the cloud gets dark and the cold wind blows, it seems like the perfect time to stay indoors. The best part is settling down with a warm blanket (or wrapper), tucked in bed with a cup of tea and a good movie or a good book. You get!

However, we still have to drag ourselves out of bed so we can carry out our daily responsibilities and duties. So being outside in the rain cannot be avoided. 

Most times we might just want to dull ourselves and pick whatever we find in our wardrobe. Hey, don't do that. It's risky. Put more effort. 

That's why I'm here. 😃

1. Go for dark colours

The pain of having dirty water staining your pristine white and pink shirt/top can be easily avoided by going for darker colours. Go for blacks, browns, darker blues, khakis and other such shades that can hide stains and wetness very well. Leave the bright colours out for now. You can make up for the dark hues with prints, patterns and accessories in case you need to.

Long-sleeved outfits and lightweight sweaters in quick-to-dry fabrics should also be your best choice, especially when you're living in a city like Lagos where the cloud turns dark at the snap of a finger.

Picture taken last Thursday: An it's-about-to-rain moment. Cloudy. (no filters).

2. Wear comfortable shoes

I wish we could easily wear rain boots here, but mehn, the eyes "they" would use to look at you would almost want to make you urinate on yourself. Boot is a little awkward on the streets of Nigeria but if you can pull it off, please do! (I won't sha) 

Dodging poodles of water and slosh requires athletic vibes that might proof difficult with higher heels, so you have to go for functionality and protection. Sneakers?

There’s no point wearing our ‘Christmas shoes’ when they’re at risk of getting soiled and even damaged from the wet muddy grounds. Flats are a good choice, but they have to be selected with care, as they are the closest to the ground and easiest to soil. The ideal heels would be comfortable wedges or mid heels of about two inches. 

3. Get your braids on

This may not be the season to display your Brazilian hair, rather it's a season to rock that African hair which cost you a small fortune. 

Let’s face it, weaves aren’t exactly the most practical option for rainy days. It instantly loses its bounce and shine when it's wet and before you know it, you’re right back at the hairdresser’s. Oh, it would indeed be a sorry case if you have hairdressers like mine

Save yourself the cost, stress and high blood pressure and embrace your natural beauty with braids. Be it Ghana weaving, dreads or loose braids. 

Twisted my African natural kinky hair. Let the rain come, I'm ready. 

No need to go running to your hairdresser when your braids gets wet, all it needs is a little drying out and oiling and it's as good as new. Plus, you can style it in so many different exciting ways. (I'm even working on a post titled 'Ways To Style Your Braids'. Watch out for it. ) 

4. Accessorize properly

If well put together, accessories can be a lifesaver on a rainy day. This is the area where you have to cook your style sweet. Accessories can lift even the darkest coloured outfit, so indulge in some nice ones.

Watches, bracelets, earrings, handbags, hair bands, scarves (and even pocket squares and ties for the guys), can do magic, taking your outfit and overall appearance from lazy to lovely.

Leave the leathers at home for now. 

5. Get trendy with scarves

Rainy days can be depressing, so why not go out of your way to wear something to light up your day? Invest in scarves. (ties for the guys)

Steal some warmth from beautiful colourful scarves. Chase away the gloom and cold of a rainy day by throwing a bright coloured scarf around your neck for that English chic look.

If you can't do scarves, do jackets. Not only will a fitted jacket keep you warm, it will also protect your ‘main’ clothes and can be taken off later in the day to reveal a different outfit.


The sun might be out one minute, and the next minute it's raining. So, ensure that throughout the rainy season you always have these 3 things in your bag:
  1. A small, fancy, collapsible umbrella. With that, you’re not caught unawares and left to scamper like a squirrel for safety when the heavens open. Please, no boring black umbrellas. Get a colorful one! 
  2. A shower cap. To protect your weaves. 
  3. A pair of fancy rubber sandals. Wear to change later to your work/church shoes .

Keep these tips in mind while picking what to wear for a rainy day and for an it-looks-like-it's-going-to-rain day. Let's not wash our style away with the rain.

All the best, sweethearts!

P.s Happy Democracy Day, Nigeria! (it's tommorrow)

What else did I skip? What are your tricks for staying dry and looking stylish on a rainy day? Please share in the comment box. 

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