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You Are More Powerful When You Are Pure

We are still on the PYH Series . . . Joshua 8.

After the sin of Achan was eradicated in Joshua Chapter 7, the Israelites could now take over the land of Ai without a struggle. Aww . . .

Be Obedient

As soon as Archan was stone to death (his sin completely eradicated). The Lord now said to Joshua in the very first verse of Chapter 8:

"Fear not, neither be dismayed: take all the people of war with you, arise, go up to Ai: see, I have given into thy hand the king of AI, and his people and his city, and his land:"
I find it really interesting that they could do to Ai what they did to Jericho almost immediately after the purification from the sin of Achan. Purity made a way for them to take over!

When you confess, repent and forsake your sins:

Your ability is restored.

Your grace is restored.

Your health is restored.

Your vision is restored.

Your focus is restored.

Your fire is restored.

You invariably receive total restoration for everything you lost. Isn't that amazing?

P.S There is no way I can cover a whole chapter in each post all by myself. If there is something you discovered in your personal study through the Book of Joshua. Please share.

Another thing I find interesting is the fact that the Israelites did not struggle to take over the land of Ai. They only followed divine instruction and that was it!

To hear and obey the Word of God is to win the battle over your enemies.

Check it. All Joshua did was to stretch out the spear in his hand towards the city. For as long as his hands were stretched, the people won. So easy!

The Isrealites took over the king of AI, and his people and his city, and his land. Just like that! 

I do not want to struggle to be blessed. I do not want to struggle to get there. So, I have to obey God's word TOTALLY. Give me grace, Lord! 

Like we studied last week, it is dangerous to give even a tiny room for distraction.

So far, the experience of the Isrealites is like this:

- Obedience comes, victory follows
- Victory comes, blessing follows
- Blessing comes, pride and disobedience follows
- Disobedience comes, defeat follows
The cycle continues.

We should not let our blessings lead us to sin. Do not be puffed up with pride. Stay humble. Stay obedient.

Key Points:
Be radical in your obedience.
Remain humble.
Let God always get the glory.

Thanks for reading.
I pray that you have a productive and successful May without stress. Go get what's yours! Cheers!

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