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Cool People Wear All Black In The Sun

Happy Sunday! How has your weekend been? Boring or busy? For me, this is the busiest weekend I've had so far this year. Oh my! I can't even find the time to make my hair. It's high time I got another wig! I'll be dashing out straight from the church to another event shortly. Phew. Not complaining though. I'm loving it!

Showing you what-I-wore for yesterday's gig . . .

Wearing Black In The Sun

All my life, I have always heard that black clothes absorb more light and make us feel hotter when we wear them. Is this actually true? Isn't it just one of those sayings without substance? 

I'm searching for answers. Please enlighten us a bit if you've got any proof - whether scientifically or scripturally. We would not mind.

I've worn all white and I was still hot. So what is the point?

I unashamedly wear all black in the sun. I don't see why I shouldn't when I feel the same degree of heat as when I wear all white.

When you see anyone wearing all black in the sun, don't judge them. Pulease!

We are all pushed to wear white in the sun, since white is supposed to keep us cool. Yeah? But, in real life, we sweat like Christmas goats when we wear white and that can make us look even dirty. Black clothes are probably the best things to help you stay cool in the sun.

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From a Physics textbook recommended for secondary schools, I studied that white and black are not exactly colours. They are both the presence and absence of light respectively. When we are seeing white, it is the combination of all possible visible light. When we are seeing black, it is absence of all visible light. This means that white reflects a great deal of wavelengths of energy coming in and absorbs nothing, while black reflects nothing and absorbs as much energy as possible.

Hmm.  .  .

If that is the case, it means white clothes reflect the sun's rays back, instead of absorbing them to let them heat us up. And that's what I hold to be true. Good point. 

But that is also where the problem is. Sun is not the only source of heat, our body on its own is a source of heat.

Are you following?

When all that heat from our body hits the white clothes we are wearing, it gets reflected right back into our body. So, when we wear white, we heat ourselves up!
We sweat.
We also attract dirt and all sorts of rubbish!

Get the point?

It turns out, the best way to keep cool in the sun is to wear black. Black absorbs everything coming in from the sun and does not reflect it back on us, yes oh.

It's OK if you don't get it. Only cool people will.

The only issue about wearing black is that it absorbs the heat from our body, instead of reflecting it back. But we can cope with that when a little wind blows and our body fragrances fill the air. Leave us alone! 😂

Try to be observant when you walk on the street from now on: You'd notice most cool people wear black in the sun. 😎

Who else wears all black in the sun? Do you believe black clothes make you hotter? Prove it. 

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