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What I Wore: Dramatic Lace Top

Hello sweeties! How are you doing? Enjoying the weekend? It's going to be long one. So rock it till the very end. :)

OK, here's What-I-Wore.

Dramatic Personality

This is the first time I'd be wearing this top, and I got so many compliments! Little did anyone know I got it for just N500 at Oshodi Bend-Down-A-Little Boutique. ^_^

Yeah, I don't spend so much money on designer clothes; since I'm more of a bargain hunter. I would much rather save as much as I can to build my own brand.

I like all the drama about this top. It's called fringes.

I think fringes are daring and dramatic. Just the same way I like to think that I have a dramatic personality because only a dramatic person will wear a red hair. Lol.

The dramatic ones are original and eccentric. They always go for the bold statement. They are assertive, outspoken and with strong personality. They like to dominate, to be noticed and to express their uniqueness and are not afraid to use fashion, makeup and hair for that purpose.

*whispers* I think God is dramatic too. He does dramatic things and gives dramatic testimonies. Been asking Him to display His dramatic expressions on me for days.

Did you know my headwrap and earrings were made from Ankara fabric?


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