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STYLE: A #WeekForScarves for #TeamNaturalHair

You've read my "About Me" page and have come to understand that I love everything lovely and beautiful. Abi? Fashion is a beautiful thing. And me I like am for fashion. Walahi!

So I didn't know what to do with my African natural, thick and kinky hair. I just couldn't find any hairstyle to fit my mood. I was wondering, searching and thinking about it all through the weekend.

Bingo! I ended up wrapping my hair in scarves all through the week. Thank God I don't work in a bank or in any strictly "you-must-wear-corporate" organisation. Free-styling is allowed here. *grins*

This was how the week looked like :)






Y-e-s! That's one #week4scarves for me.  You dislike?
By the way, which hairstyle would you recommend for us (TeamNaturalHair)? What do we do when we run out of hairstyles? No, don't tell us to cut our hair. Haba! 

At least, I know we can wrap our hair in a beautiful and colourful scarf, and we're good to go!

For real, I'm grateful that there is something called scarf. Wait sef, scarf is to a sister as ___ is to a brother? Just wondering. Talk to me now.

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