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Time To Unleash The "Child" In You

Sometimes we wish we could be children again. But the good news is: We can. You may be "grown up" now but your inner child is still alive.

Can you think of anything you have done in the past that you would describe as fun?

What's Fun To You?

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There is an unspoken expectation that comes with being a “grown up”, everything child-like dissipates with that growth forever. But what we may have not realized is that the coping mechanisms we need as adults to get around any stressful season are inherently learned when we were children.

This morning I jumped on my bed and thought to myself, it's Children's Day!. I have decided to give myself a mini-break from adulthood and find the simple pleasures in what it’s like to be a child again . . . to have fun! 

Unleashing the "child" in you can keep the heart young, vibrant, and playful!

Here are few easy tips:
  • Dance in your underwear
  • Clap your hands
  • Jump on the bed
  • Sing sillily
  • Scream into joy
  • Laugh out loud
  • Dream of the weirdest things
  • Call an elderly person and ask them some crazy questions. Lol
  • Skip on a rope
  • Just be happy
  • Be carefree
What else can you add to the list?

For me, fun is dancing, moving my body. It makes me feel happy, excited, free and in the moment.

Fun is writing, expressing my thoughts and relishing my experience on a blank sheet. It makes me feel refreshed and "living".

Fun is reading, expanding my scope of understanding and travelling to a realm beyond here. It makes me feel adventurous.

Fun is dressing up, wearing the clothes I sew or recycled with my own hands. It makes me feel happy and "creative".

Fun is speaking, not necessarily talking but having an engaging conversation with an audience or an individual. It makes me feel humane and "connected".

Fun is laughing and pouting with my girlfriends and not worrying about what they think of me. It makes me feel loved and blessed.

Fun is going to a playground and sitting on a swing, which is what I plan to do today.

Fun is being silly.

Fun is being weird.

Fun is being creative.

Fun is learning new things

Fun is seeing new places.

Fun is meeting new people.

Fun is knowing I am alive and loved by a God in heaven.

"In my heart, I am still that child who did not care about anything else but the beautiful colours of a rainbow."

Happy Children's Day!

Would love to hear your perspective about fun. What's fun to you? 

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