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STYLE: Laced With Love

Hey sweeties! Happy Easter! Yes, we are celebrating God's love. Praying that His love permeates your entire being this season.

Because I'm in love with helping you feel and look your best, I thought to tell you to try lace fabrics. You really should!

Lace Skirt

This skirt was not one of those pieces you see on a rail in a shop, you grab, try on, and instantly love. I had many doubts about it. I almost dropped it. But thank God I didn't!

When I found this skirt, the measurement on the waist was bigger than mine. So I knew I'd have to tweak it a bit if I want it to give me the perfect look.

"Is it worth it?" I asked myself.

"Well, it's a risk you take for having a taste of style." I convinced myself.

Besides having to tweak the waistline, there was no clue how to wear it. So, in an effort to not waste my money, I decided to keep it until I find some style inspiration.

This is officially my first lace skirt. It came as a challenge because lace skirts can be tough to pair with other things considering how super feminine they are. They are inherently chic and eye-catching.

I tried on tons of different blouses with this skirt, but none of them quite worked. After a while I realized that the skirt just needed something super simple, so I threw on this little black top. 

I like how the top creates an illusion of a dress. I also like that it dresses down the lace. Sometimes less really is more.

I’m not sure the shoes I’m wearing here are exactly the right kind of shoe to wear with the skirt but, frankly, I was out for eleven hours and they’re bloomin’ comfy.

Fashion is all about comfort. When I'm comfortable in what I wear, confidence is not a problem.

Ignore the scarf; I was having another bad hair day. Focus on the lace skirt; This skirt has made it to the list of my favourites. I look forward to rocking it again and again and again.

I hope you are having a happy Sunday!

Which fabric can you never be found wearing? Some people never like to wear jeans, chiffon or lace - and you?

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