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DIARY: Yellow! Water Salt Of Brown Weekend!

When someone asks you "how was your weekend?" and you want to describe your weekend in one sentence without leaving any part of the story behind, what would you say? I got an idea; use colours.

Your response will help you discern those who really care whether your weekend went well and those who just ask for the sake of it. Those who care would ask for more details and those who don't care would either smile or shrug.

For those who care, here is the loong gist of last weekend . . .

Yellow-Water-Salt-Brown Weekend 

Yellow! Water Salt of Brown Weekend! appears to me as the best caption for this post. There is so much to tell you, but where/how do I start from? From the moment I left the house on Saturday to the moment I got home, a million events occurred. I might have to break this experience into parts.

Let's start like this:

  • Water

The Women at the well, TWTW had a mini-meet with Aunty Salt. 20 slots were available for only 20 ladies. (Knowing how dark and dull I had been trying to get over a heartbreak, I couldn't afford to miss this hang out.) I needed to be there.

  • Salt

Mrs. Bola "salt" Essien-Nelson, who TWTW calls Aunty Salt is a transparent Christian. She openly shares her struggles and her victories without shame or pride. She is warm, soft and strong altogether. When you read her blog, her books or hear her voice, you'd love her because her words are seasoned. And when you get to physically meet her or sit with her for a sec, you'd know she's got that "thing". She is Salt, like for real.

You are amazing. We love you, Aunty Salt. And we pray that your life keeps shinning the Light at home, at work and in the world at large.

While Aunty Salt is still healing from the pain of losing her dearest sister, Sholly, she decided to GIVE. The hang out, Aunty Salt told us, was therapeutic for her. "The pain I carry in my heart always about Sholly felt purposeful. God bless you for being one of the ways God is using to do that" What is more glorious than using the pain in your heart, to bless another?!

So inspiring. Channeling our pain into purpose is . . . Christianly. 

All the ladies who were there can testify that they were beyond blessed. Some things can't be described in words mehn.

Although I showed up late, one of things that struck us during her talk was this question:


"Life is too short to just live by. We are human beings and not human doings. What are you being that makes you valuable to God? Are you being more and living more?"
 "Whatever you do that isn't pleasing to God is not worth it. Stop making excuses for sin."
"Yes, God is merciful but somehow, you will pay the price tomorrow."  
"I want you all to be salt. You don't have to change your name. Just be salt."  
She said, "I am very jealous of the quality of life that I'm living. If I can't do good everyday I go out, at least, I shouldn't do bad. There is so much negativity going on out there. I'm not going to add to it."

Those words were deep. God reached through our hearts and helped us understand the most important thing about living.

Thereafter, Aunty Salt led us to pray.

  • Yellow

Because Aunty Salt loves yellow, we decided to surprise her by wearing a touch of yellow. We were glad she noticed.

Frances, TWTW mama. 

Yellow is a bright and happy colour. We were looking all radiant. I hope you're not beefing. Lol. 

  • Brown

The "hang out" took place at The Browns' Cafe and Restaurant in VI. It is such an exotic place. As soon as I stepped in, I felt comfortable almost immediately. The staff were very polite, I felt pretty good partly because of the friendly staff and partly because of the soft music playing at the time.

- the food (yummy and well served)
- the hospitality (the staff wore smiles)
- the warmness (something about the environment) and
- the coldness (the AC there is badt)

everything on point

The Browns' Cafe and Restaurant is such a beautiful place to hang out and take pictures. We absolutely enjoyed our time there.

My Brown Dress

If you know so much (or a little) about colours, then you'd know that brown inherently possesses a level of yellow mixed into it. I'm starting to appreciate brown in my outfits a little more now. Suffice it to say that it doesn't look so bad on me. *winks*

Yellow and brown makes a beautiful combination. I like.

Watch out for Part 2:
* I was at a vigil the day before (on Friday) and I hadn't slept as much as I needed before heading out that Saturday. Guess what happened while I was sleeping on the bus!
*How Aunty Salt made us all sober and reflective for minutes! And how the slim ladies amongst us wished they were fatter.
* The yummy meals we had. Oh my! 

Your turn, how was your weekend? Can you use a colour(s) to describe it? Leggo! 

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