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Dear Diary, There Is More To Life Than Natural Hair

I decided to do something about my hair. So I went to a salon.

My Natural Hair Journey

I have so many things to say about my natural hair journey. There have been moments of joy and moments of pain. There have been moments of frustration and moments of inspiration. There have been moments of "I love being natural" and moments of "I dunno what to do!"

I would have loved to talk about those moments of frustration, but it's pretty easy to get pass those times. Each time I feel like quitting, I remember WHY I started in the first place. (My reason is very personal. Can't tell the world about it. Don't ask me).

My reason for embarking on this journey is what keeps me going.

So let's talk about what's happening right now: moment of not-knowing-what-to-do.

Many people think I enjoy wearing scarves because I'm so good at it. Not really. The truth is I am running out of hairstyles. When I don't know what to do with my hair, I cover it all up!

I cover it all up beautifully and creatively. I posted one of the ways I wear my scarf here.

I got tired of wearing a scarf. And decided to go to a salon for a change.

As soon as I untied my scarf, the hairdresser screamed.

Well, I'm used to people wondering why a big girl like me should not relax her hair. I'm used to people popping out their eyes at my hair. 

"how do you comb your hair?"
"how do you cope with natural hair?"
"why don't you want to relax your hair?"

These questions are normal. They mean nothing to me.

What I don't like is when people start giving me the advice I never asked for.

"relax your hair"
"if you relax your hair, it will be very long"
"when will you relax your hair?"

Excuse me! I feel like punching you in the face right now! Is it your hair? I would snap back within me. Oh, thank God for the Holy Spirit who keeps us in check.

The worst feeling is when your very own hairdresser tells you to straighten your natural hair with a flat iron. She made some points, and it weakened my line of defence. I almost gave in. Almost.

Thank God I voiced out my temptation on Twitter, a couple of naturalistas kicked against the idea. So I got back to my senses. Lol.

Never use heat on natural hair. Never. 

I'm not very keen on following natural hair blogs and vlogs. The articles and videos can be very overwhelming. I prefer to stay in my lane and focus on my journey.

Many natural hair lovers blog about their hair. They share and offer suggestions on how to achieve hair greatness which is always inspiring. As for me, I'm the wrongest person to consult on natural hair. 

Kosi consulted me. 

The only advice I can give to whoever is planning to embark on this journey is:

DISCOVER WHY you want to go natural.

This natural hair journey is not easy. It is not cheap. It is not always sweet. "Get Your Mind Ready" is the best thing I'd say to a prospective #TeamNaturalHair

I wish somebody told me that.

As I was saying, that was how my hairdresser and I kept talking about what to do ON my hair for about 30 minutes. (She is the same person who made the red hair) We went back and forth about straightening my hair or not.

I told her we'd straighten my hair the next time I show up at her salon. Although I have made up my mind not to. I just needed to end the discussion there. Abi? What's the point arguing?

This is my hair. This is my journey. 

There is more to life than natural hair but I don't joke with it.

I hope I don't become too obsessed with my natural hair before God would just tell me to shave it all off.  I'm done. 😯 *lips sealed*

Finally, my hairdresser said this hair would look good on me.

Not sure whether my new hairdo looks good on me. Not feeling it yet. Can't show you now. Lol. Hopefully, you will see the completed version on/before next week's Dear Diary post.

UPDATE: You will see the full view of this hairdo HERE and HERE.

Meanwhile, I have considerably told you what makes me feel like punching somebody in the face.

Your turn. What do people do/say that gets you really mad - that you almost want to punch them in the face?

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