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Dear Diary, My Hairstylist Should Be Arrested For This

It's not fun to sit in a chair for hours while a virtual stranger does some things in your face and you leave looking ugly. :(

Issues With Hairdressers

I generally have trust issues with hairstylists, so I am very particular about who I allow to touch my hair.

I have about four hairstylists.

One is never enough.

When I have issues with one at a time, I abandon her and go to the next one.

For instance, the one who made this red hair isn't the same person who made this one I want to show you today. Because I had issues with the red hair one, I decided to patronize another one.

It’s a risk to trust your hair in the hands of anyone who calls herself (or himself) a hairstylist.

You sit in a chair for hours to get your hair done, and perhaps to beautify your best self. And by the time you leave, you're not happy with yourself - the hairdresser has become your best friend, therapist, enemy — or some combination of all three. Add money to the mix and you get an emotional minefield.

Meet my hairstylists:

The Grumbling Hairstylist

She makes the best hair styles of my life. The styles are literally everything I had dreamed for my hair. As soon as I describe what I want, she gets it. She gives me the hottest weave ever, and it turns into an even cooler look as it gets older. But the problem is, she constantly complains and grumbles about how kinky my natural hair is. Which naturalista willingly does business with someone who hates her natural hair - always suggesting she uses hot iron on it . . . especially when she knows you don't want to?!

The Painful Hairstylist

She has been my hairstylist for four-plus years and is quite good. She is friendly and jovial. I like her as a person. The only problem is, I cry each time her hands are on my hair. The pain I feel when she does my hair is beyond the ordinary. It is more than the usual pain a woman is expected to go through while having her hair done. Am I doomed to revert to the pain out of loyalty? Shouldn't I switch salons to save my life?!

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The Lying Hairstylist

She is not that bad, but she cheats. The last time I was there, I went for a simple braids. I forgot to ask her how much it would cost, no, I assumed it was the regular amount that's why I didn't bother to ask. I desperately needed my hair done for the start of a new work week. But it all felt very shady when I had sat down in the chair for about 30 minutes and asked her the price and she started talking about the weather. I got carried away. When it was time to pay, I gave her the money and she told me I had to pay more. Short hair isn't always less work than long hair. How could she say she was charging me N1800 based on the length of my hair? Who does that?!

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The Cheap Hairstylist

She is my friend. There is always a conversation going on when I'm with her. She is not expensive. I don’t even always have to tip. The problem is, if she’s busy, she’ll be like, “Oh she’s my friend, she can wait.” Then she gets really swamped and doesn’t do a great job. The last time I was there, she totally changed the style I described. I took it off the next day. It’s hard to push when you are friends with your hairstylist. Hard.

What in the heaven is that?!

And to think that I paid her for this. Shouldn't she be arrested already?!

All my stylists are good but they have issues. The issues get worse every time I go. But I’m too lazy to find new ones. It's risky.

Hairdressers would either go to heaven or go to hell. They better do their jobs properly - to satisfy us and make the time sitting on that chair worth it. 

I think it's time to learn how to make my own weaves. At least, I wouldn't have to cry out in pain or worry about spending more money.

Do you have a great relationship with (all) your hairstylists/barbers? Have you had the same stylist for more than three years?

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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