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What I Wore To Church Today

Happy Sunday, online people! This is the first time I'd be using that phrase here. How are you doing, online people? Now, this is the second time. Lol. People, I am still in church at 4PM!

My local church (in Lagos, Nigeria) believes that Sunday is a day to be dedicated to God, by spending the entire day in church. Phew.

What I Wore To Church

ankara shift dress

Service was awesome today. After service, another service started. After that, another one. It's how we roll in my local church. And I'm not complaining. No. 😢

While the last "service" was going on, I decided to be creative with time. I went to the stairs, took selfies and . . . then this.

ankara shift dress
ankara shift dress
I've missed this staircase sha
ankara shift dress

Go brown go brown go!

Perhaps my colour of the year will end up being brown. I never saw it coming. Who would have thought that I would be so bold to rock and enjoy brown this much?! Ah, never say never!

This Ankara fabric was gifted to me by Aunty Salt. It was part of what went down last weekend. For a minute, I thought I could only use it as a scarf or as a blouse since it wasn't up to 2-full yards.

But somehow, as I got on my sewing machine, I saw the fabric suitable for me to sew a simple dress. So I playfully mixed the ankara fabric Aunty Salt gifted me with another matching ankara fabric to make it up. (The same fabric I wore as a scarf.)

I just love it. It's an interesting and exciting look.

ankara mix patterns

Check this out: How To Mix Ankara Prints

I'm hoping to create the time to show you how to sew a simple dress like this and give more tips for making and mixing Ankara pieces. Thanks for watching reading visiting.

What do you think? Can you rock this? And, please, when do you get to leave church on Sundays?

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