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Are you a model?

We'd met on different occasions. Most times we only exchanged the hi and hello. I actually like him. He always has a smart look. Always. When I saw him today, I remembered one day. . .

That day, we met at the corridor, our eyes met. He smiled, I smiled.

"Good morning" he said, still smiling
"Good morning" I replied, smiling too.

"You look good" he said
With a blush, "Thank you" I paused. "You too" I added.

And just when we walk passed each other, he turned, "Are you a model?"

I laughed. Streams of thoughts ran through my mind. Why did he ask that? Is it my dress? or my hair? what exactly? I knew models were tall, pretty, with nice legs and all that. I also know I am beautiful but. . . being awarded a model could only be imagined. I just love to take pictures.

"Model? No o." I ignorantly answered.
"You do look like one" he responded.

OMG! He must have seen something. Or heard something. I wasn't really sure. But I really wanted to know why he had asked that question. This mystery has to be revealed. Should I ask him why he asked? 

I mumbled something which sounded like "awwww. . ." as we walked away separately.

"You are a model" I heard from behind. The voice sounded so distinctly.
"I have made you one" the Voice said again.

Model. Model. What is a model? Who is a model? I searched for answers. There should be something more. . .

Now, this is a point:
A model is a standard, a representation, an original. 
God's spirit lives in us. We are His representatives here on earth
The world is our runway. We are to showcase God's beauty and glory from within.

So today, when his friend told me that Kachi does like me. I remembered the question he asked that day, "Are you a model?" Yes. Yes.

Christians are models. We are to live as lights. Let the light shine!

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu


nina said...

thank goodness she knows that now... hmmmmmmm... who is this kachi?

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

hahaha... Nina. Now I understand why I had felt mentioning a name would be a not-so-good idea after all. lol. Kachi works in the next office.

Thanks for visiting my blog dear! *hugs*

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