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Careful Or Carefree?

Hello sweeties! Welcome to another week. I hope you are fine? I am good and I give all glory to God. I want us to analyze something together today. I hope you will find it "inspiring". :D

Carefree Vs Careful

Sometimes when I'm discussing topics I feel strongly about, I'd say things I didn't know (or think I knew) before then. 

And I be like: "Where did that come from??"

It can only be God. Yeah? 

Two things prompted this post.
  1. I left my USB cable at church last week and two weeks ago. Yesterday again, I left my charger! (I serve in the media department. Don't start thinking "So, Amaka goes to church to charge her phone"). I keep forgetting to put it back in my bag. That's not being careful. Right?
  2. On Saturday, while I was giving an answer to a question Christianah posted on TWTW Whatsapp group, I said something that shocked me. 

I never knew I was talking to myself too. Lmho.

That statement kept ringing in my heart till last night.

"Are you careful about being carefree?"

"What are you more careful and what are you more carefree about?"

"Which is better - being careful or being carefree?"

Being the self-reflective (and over-analyzer) person that I am, I started thinking. Here are my thoughts:

To be Careful

Careful is to be full of care. Concerned. Worried. 

Careful is when you are systematic and well-calculated in your approach to things. Being careful is when you exercise caution; carefulness is when you don’t want to miss anything out. You pay attention to details.

A careful person might be tagged a perfectionist by some people, a careful person does not commit mistakes anyhow.

When something goes wrong with a careful person, a lot of people would sympathize with him or her because they know it is unusual.

The second time I left my USB cable at church, bro Gabriel (one of the guys who serve in the same department with me) said "I know you left your cable again. It's normal for you." Jeez. Maybe I'm not such a careful person after all.

We are told to be careful. Are you careful?

To Be Carefree

Carefree is to be free from care. No worries. No anxiety.

Carefree is when you do things spontaneously and unprepared.

Being carefree is about not being bothered about things. Nothing affects a carefree person; just getting solutions when things go wrong is the mindset of a carefree person.

Being carefree is a challenge for many people; people like to worry too much. A person who is carefree is positive and don't get worked up by circumstances.

We are told to be carefree. Are you carefree?

To Be Carefree Yet Careful

I hope to be tagged as someone who is carefree but also careful. (Don't ever call me careless. Please!).

I belong to the creative generation. It is typical of us to be free, adventurous, and forgetful.

I know. But we can work on ourselves.

Let's try as much as we can to not throw caution to the wind. Let's be careful in our carefreeness.

Being careful does not mean there would be no accidents, mistakes or sin but it reduces their occurences WHILE being carefree does not equally mean there would always be accidents, mistakes, or sin but it makes you not take yourself (and life in general) too seriously.


The bottom line is: God desires us to be CAREFUL as adults in this world and CAREFREE as children in His presence.

Being careful is SAFER and being carefree is ADVENTUROUS.

One of the lessons I’ve ever had to learn (and I’m admittedly still learning) is that we CAN'T CONTROL EVERYTHING.

So we should be careful about the things that make us and those around us feel safer and be carefree about the things that are "not that deep." Let it go.

I hope you catch my drift?

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A friend and I made jokes using the statement - "It's not that deep".

Him: Someone will just post something on Twitter, and people will start taking it seriously. Fam, it's not that deep.
Me: Someone will just send a heart smiley on Whatsapp. And the heart will be beating. Ahan, it's not that deep.

Him: The local government council had an inauguration ceremony on the borehole that was installed. Ahan, ordinary borehole? it's not that deep.
Me: I left my charger in church. I can't kill myself. It's not that deep.


Are you careful or carefree? What would you acknowledge as "it's not that deep"? Please share in the comment box below. 

Here is wishing you a beautiful week filled with mega dose of positivity and love. Stay inspired. Cheers!

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
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